7 Inch Record Jackets in Black


Matte Black
Glossy White
  • Product Description

      Do you want to keep your records protected in the long-term but still accessible and stylish while they are securely in storage? Big Fudge has the answer with these LP record jackets for your collection of 45s. Our 7 inch record jackets will keep all your 45s clean and looking sharp.

      High Quality Matte Black Record Jackets

      We offer our high-quality 7 inch record jackets in a pristine matte black finish. The classic look of these record jackets will protect your records and keep them looking great. You can extend the life of your collection while keeping them separate from each other for further convenience. Easily find, play, and protect your favorites with Big Fudge black record jackets.

      • 400gsm Thick Matte Black Cardboard – Acid Free
      • Compatible With Standard 7” Inner and Outer Sleeves
      • 3.5mm Spine To Label Your Albums with Thin Chalk Marker

      LP Record Jackets for Protection that Lasts

      No matter the size of your vinyl collection, record maintenance is important for your peace of mind. Our LP record jackets are made with acid-free materials so that you can rest easy with them protecting your entire collection. Never worry about a scratch when you use Big Fudge to protect your vinyl.

      Full Vinyl Preservation for You

      Record jackets are only the beginning of what Big Fudge can offer you for vinyl preservation. For another layer of protection, pair these 7 inch record jackets with our 7 inch outer record sleeves, which you can purchase in one convenient bundle. Then, enjoy our 4-in-1 cleaning kit which offers complete cleanliness for your vinyl. Big Fudge offers essential supplies for all your record maintenance and protection needs, so reach out if you need any advice and our dedicated team will be happy to assist you.