Replacement Brush, Set of 2. For Record Friend!


  • Product Description

      OFFICIAL REPLACEMENT VINYL RECORD CLEANING BRUSHES – When your Record Friend™ cleaning kit’s brushes have been well loved and are ready for a refresh, we offer easy-to-restock supplies right here. These two-pack of cleaning brushes plug into your Record Friend™ and clean both sides of your record simultaneously to help remove any dust or residue from your most-recent play.

      DEPENDABLE, HIGH-QUALITY ITEMS – All of the products sold by Big Fudge to the vinyl enthusiasts all over are built with only the highest-quality materials because we wouldn’t sell you anything that we wouldn’t use on our collection. These vinyl record cleaning brushes use ultra-soft microfiber material for superior clean results.

      BIG FUDGE OFFERS THE BEST IN CLEANING AND PROTECTION – You can buy these replacement brushes or refill bottles of our Big Fudge cleaning fluids with confidence. Our Record Friend™ cleaning kit and our 4-in-1 cleaning kit can be used multiple times, so long as you keep buying fresh brushes and refills of the cleaning fluid. Complete your record care routine with our storage and protection items (such as inner sleeves and outer sleeves) that will exceed the expectations in quality for collectors of all kinds.