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Big Fudge is your one-stop-shop for wholesale record sleeves and vinyl record supplies. When you buy wholesale, you’ll receive price advantages and great shipping options. If you own a brick and mortar record store, please consider stocking some of our most popular items such as inner and outer record sleeves, record cleaning kits, and individual vinyl record accessories for storage.

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Wholesale Record Sleeves

Wholesale Record Sleeves

If you specialize in vintage vinyl, you know firsthand how delicate these records can be, especially if they’re still being stored in their original paper sleeves. To keep your customers’ records in mint condition, we feature reusable inner record sleeves and outer record sleeves.

Our inner sleeves are made from paper that’s acid and alkaline-free. They also feature rounded corners and exterior seams, making it easy to slide in records without ripping or tearing the sleeve. The outer sleeves we carry are made from durable and clear high-density polypropylene, an incredibly transparent and sturdy option for record lovers who want to be able to keep their favorites on display. In addition, our sleeves let you showcase your vintage record inventory in a new light, letting your albums shine. Your customers will see the value of having records with sleeves that show off the original art like it was new.

Both types wholesale record sleeves are available for 12 and 7 inch records, and are available in packs of 50 or 100.

Wholesale Vinyl Record Supplies & Record Accessories

To complement your store’s selection of vinyl, we have the best wholesale vinyl record supplies and accessories for you to choose from.

Big Fudge Vinyl is the leading resource for record lovers everywhere. Fill out the form above to ask about custom wholesale orders or send us an email for additional info.