Quality Products for the protection, storage and display of vinyl records

The Record Friend

Professional record cleaning for the passionate collector.
Treat your vinyl the way it deserves to be treated with the Record Friend. This vinyl record cleaning kit comes with everything you need to delicately clean and dry your collection. Did we mention that the Record Friend can clean up to 50 records in one sitting? Yup, it’s that great.


Outer Sleeves

Protect your favorite albums while showing them.

Our outer sleeves provide crystal clear, wrinkle-free protection to your vinyl records. Made from high-density polypropylene, these sleeves are archival safe and as close to PH neutral as possible for plastics. No tears, wrinkles, or cloudy plastic. These 12” and 7” vinyl record sleeves will make your favorite album art pop.


Inner Sleeves

Premium record jackets for everyday use.

These inner vinyl record sleeves are exactly what you’ve been searching for. The heavyweight acid-free paper of these sleeves is made to extend the longevity of your collection. Rounded corners and exterior seams make them super convenient and easy to use. These 12” and 7” inner sleeves let you slide your records back into the covers with ease. Heaven on earth.


Cleaning Kit

Keep your records sounding like new.

Clean off dust and dirt, remove fingerprints, and keep your collection in top condition with our 4-in-1 Cleaning Kit. This compact care system comes with a velvet record brush, alcohol-free cleaning solution, a stylus brush, and a handy travel pouch. Don’t settle for less when it comes to taking care of your vinyl collection.


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