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We offer premium vinyl record cleaning supplies that extend the life of your life-long love: music.

From inner and outer vinyl record sleeves available in a variety of materials and options to cleaning kits, accessories, and storage solutions, we have all of the essentials. Keep your record collection looking and sounding like new with premium supplies by Big Fudge—made by record collectors with records collectors in mind. Vinyl is forever, after all.

The Record Friend

Professional record cleaning for the passionate collector.

Treat your vinyl the way it deserves to be treated with the Record Friend. This vinyl record cleaning kit comes with everything you need to delicately clean and dry your collection. Did we mention that the Record Friend can clean up to 50 records in one sitting? Yup, it’s that great.


Outer Record Sleeves

Protect your favorite albums while showing them.

Our outer sleeves provide crystal clear, wrinkle-free protection to your vinyl records. Made from high-density polypropylene, these sleeves are archival-safe and as close to pH neutral as possible for plastics. No tears, wrinkles, or cloudy plastic. These 12” and 7” vinyl record sleeves will make your favorite album art pop.

Looking for the best way to preserve your collectible gatefold albums? We have those, too. Want to take it to the next level? Consider our blank record jackets for the ultimate customization option.


Inner Sleeves

Premium record jackets for everyday use.

These inner record sleeves are exactly what you’ve been searching for. The heavyweight acid-free paper of these sleeves is made to extend the longevity of your collection. Round corners and exterior seams make them super convenient and easy to use. These 12” and 7” inner sleeves let you slide your records back into the covers with ease. Plus, they’re available in either black or white, with options for premium rice paper backing. Heaven on earth.


Vinyl Cleaning Kits, Brushes, Rollers, Fluid & Brushes

Keep your records sounding like new.

Clean off dust and dirt, remove fingerprints, and keep your collection in top condition with our 4-in-1 Cleaning Kit. This compact vinyl record cleaning care system comes with a velvet record brush, alcohol-free solution, a stylus brush, and a handy travel pouch. Stock up on everything you need with our replacement supplies, whether it’s a gel for your record player stylus, our vinyl cleaning roller, or a replacement cleaning solution.

 Don’t settle for less when it comes to taking care of your vinyl collection.

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Minimalist Record Storage Solutions

Our classic record storage box and sleek vinyl record display stand offer easy ways to store your LPs in a way that’s minimal, elegant, and modern. What’s more, is they’re all designed to easily store your records with our sleeves on them.

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Big Fudge makes taking care of records as fun as collecting them. Collecting, caring for, storing, and finding unique ways to display your collection are all part of that big love of vinyl we at Big Fudge share.


  • Superb quality, everything you need to care for you vinyl

    Superb quality, everything you need to care for you vinyl

    Absolutely delighted with this product! Having recently purchased a new turntable to play an old Sinatra collection I inherited, but also to play some new additions, I wanted to ensure everything was kept in top condition. The materials used are of superb quality and it contains everything you need to care for your player and records. I have already cleaned some LPs using the brush and spray and they are sounding great!

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  • Could not be happier!

    Could not be happier!

    How much did I like this product? This is my very first Amazon product review--after about twenty years of Amazon shopping. I have a massive record collection, with some very nice pressings. Unfortunately being a DJ and dragging my records all over NYC bars and clubs over the last 25 years, a lot of them took a beating. I wanted to replace the outer sleeves I had; some had holes or tears, others were super wrinkly, and even the ones in "good" shape were dusty/cloudy.

    I researched all the outer sleeves on Amazon, based on positive customer reviews and read them all. Yeah, it took a long time. I finally found these outer sleeves and was glad to see not only that customers were satisfied, but also that the company itself cared enough to read and comment on the reviews. Being that I have such a large collection, I jumped in with both feet and ordered two sets of 100 sleeves. I even got a 10-percent discount for buying 2 at once.

    I started with my favorite records and started swapping the old sleeves for new ones, and the results were pretty striking. LP covers that I thought were old and dingy suddenly sprang to life again. Some copies that I thought had ring wear were actually simply housed in old sleeves that had ring wear. The sleeves themselves are super sturdy, but don't feel crisp and rigid like some others I've seen. They fit albums nicely (even gatefolds), but leave enough room for them to breathe. I've also found they can accommodate most double albums. I have included a bunch of before-and-after photos to give you an idea of why I'm so happy with these sleeves--they took years off my LPs.

    To address what some other reviewers mentioned, yes, some of the outer sleeves did arrive wrinkled. But I was expecting a small portion of the sleeves to have some sort of lines or wrinkles (out of 200 outer sleeves, I'd have been shocked if they were all pristine). I was pleasantly surprised, though, that out of the 200 sleeves, only twelve had big wrinkles in them. I was able to use three of them to house nice albums because they only had a big wrinkle on one side. The nine that are super wrinkled on both sides, I suppose I can use to house lesser albums.

    To sum up, I'm very happy with my purchase. In fact, the day my outer sleeves arrived and I started using them, I was so pleased, I decided to reward the company by buying some inner sleeves from them. They're great too!

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  • Top notch customer service and integrated drying rack

    Top notch customer service and integrated drying rack

    Top notch customer service and integrated drying rack puts the Big Fudge Record Friend on top for me. This unit is a few dollars less than the Spin Clean (which I was looking at as well). However this has an integrated drying rack which is exactly why I chose the Big Fudge Record Friend. In addition the day after it was delivered I got an email from Big Fudge customer care asking to verify it had arrived safely, or if I had any questions. That's top notch in my opinion. I highly recommend any product from Big Fudge.

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  • Just what I needed

    Just what I needed

    I can’t really say anything about durability yet but they seem very sturdy. I was kinda nervous that they’d be thin or cheap, but they’re not. Today I put my mom's 45s in them and was impressed. They’re easy to open fit the records perfectly. They don’t close or have a flap to protect dirt from getting in, but they’re fine for me. I was never a record person but my mom passed and left me a record collection in pretty bad condition, so I’m just trying to maintain them and keep them from getting worse lol I think these will do the trick.

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  • Sounds brand new again!

    Sounds brand new again!

    Purchased this for my son, and when he used it, he made me listen to the newly cleaned records/vinyl. I was amazed at how crisp the sound was from these 40-year-old records. They sound brand new again. Definitely recommend this product!

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  • Greatness!


    So happy I had found these for my 7”s! I’ve bought an use master sleeves for my 12”s. Big Fudge has come through with some great anti scratch/anti static master sleeves for your 45’s you want to play for years to come! I love these I’m definitely going to buy them again. Like I said Big Fudge has been great from when I bought them along with making sure I received my product without any issues.

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  • Forget the rest - get the BEST!

    Forget the rest - get the BEST!

    I had purchased sleeves on Amazon from another seller. They came delivered to me creased in the middle and didn't fit double albums well due to their tight fit.

    Big Fudge on the other hand are VASTLY superior! They easily fit all my gatefold and double albums, are stronger, and are clear which makes finding the record I want to play easier. I removed all 100+ of the previous album sleeves and replaced them with the Big Fudge ones. Pulling an album from my storage is simpler as these don't grip each other like the previous models. I'm super happy with this and will be my go-to sleeves moving forward!

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  • Buy the biggest bottle.

    Buy the biggest bottle.

    I just finished cleaning 110 albums and I still have a good bit left in the bottle.

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  • Easy in ,easy out

    Easy in ,easy out

    Great for new and older records, album slides out with ease and feel better about storing my collection

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