Vinyl Protection

Vinyl Record Sleeve Protectors

No matter how long you’ve been collecting or how large your collection might be, finding premium protection for your vinyl records is key to maintaining and extending the life of your tunes. It’s much more than just finding a box to put your albums in and shoving it in your closet – it’s part of the process that hopefully becomes as enjoyable as collecting itself.

Archival Quality Protection for Your Timeless Record Collection

INNER SLEEVES – Our inner sleeves have been designed to make usage easier. Featuring rounded corners (to fit into album covers) and external seams (to make it easier to slide your records in), these vinyl record jackets are made from acid and alkaline free, heavyweight paper that comes in a bright white color.

OUTER SLEEVES – Our vinyl record outer sleeve protectors are perfect for any collection. Made from high-density polypropylene, Big Fudge brand protection sleeves are guaranteed to be less opaque than the industry standard (made from polyethylene) and stay transparent. Further Big Fudge design improvements over typical sleeves from other companies include the removal of the resealable flap and seams that won’t split or tear. Available in packs of 50 or 100.

To complete your record cleaning supplies, check out our record cleaning kits, sturdy storage boxes, and other cleaning accessories to help clean and preserve your vinyl.

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