Vinyl cleaning kit and supplies by Big Fudge

Vinyl Cleaning Kits & Supplies

Maintaining sound quality and appearance are two important aspects of owning a vinyl record collection. Investing in a great LP cleaner and record washer is the best way to ensure an excellent listening experience for years to come. Lucky for you, Big Fudge specializes in vinyl cleaning kits, with accessories and supplies necessary to keep your collection sounding sharp.

Record Cleaning Anti-Static Brushes by Big Fudge

Know What You Need

There’s more to LP cleaners than just spraying and wiping down. To keep your collection sounding its best for the long term, we recommend a regimen that includes:

Anti-static brushes are designed to remove particles without scratching the vinyl. To avoid spotting or smudges, an alcohol-free cleaning solution and gentle microfiber cloth are ideal for removing fingerprints off the track. Once the cleaning solution is rinsed, a second microfiber cloth is necessary for carefully drying the LP before storing it upright.

Vinyl Cleaning Kit & Supplies

All-In-One Vinyl Record Care Solutions

Big Fudge has made the cleaning process easy for audiophiles everywhere! The Complete 4-In-1 Vinyl Cleaning Kit contains everything you need and more to keep your LPs spotless. It comes with multiple cleaning brushes for the vinyl and turntable. Our cleaning fluid is also included in our vinyl cleaning kit.

For those of you with an extensive library, Record Friend is a revolutionary record washer. Maintenance is smooth sailing from start to end with Record Friend’s vinyl sink, drying rack, multiple brushes, and microfiber cloths. Streamline the cleaning process and clean up to 50 records in one go!

Inner & Outer Sleeves by Big Fudge

Don’t Stop There

Proper storage between vinyl cleaning sessions is another way to keep those beats sounding sweet. Reduce the amount of dust collecting on your records by using acid-free inner sleeves and polypropylene outer sleeves. Big Fudge wants your music to sound great for decades to come. Shop for the best-in-class vinyl cleaning supplies and kits at Big Fudge today!