Vinyl Storage

Protecting the integrity and quality of your albums is easy with the record storage options at Big Fudge. Select storage for vinyl albums that allow you to keep your collection neatly organized and safely stowed away. In addition to LP record storage, we also have display options that allow you to show off your favorite albums.

Choose How to Store Your Records

Proper record storage is essential when you want to keep your albums and their covers in mint condition. Premium album and cover sleeves are an ideal way to keep your collection protected, and you can take it a step further with designated storage space. That’s where Big Fudge can help.

Our Record Cube is the perfect storage for vinyl albums. You can get a matching set of five easily stackable boxes to maximize your storage space. They’re slick and beautiful, so you can opt to display them in your living room or office as well. Blank labels will make it easier to organize your albums in each box.

Put Your Favs on Display

Have album covers that look like art? Go beyond LP record storage. Look for products that turn your albums into stunning decor. All you need is a display stand that you can place on an end table, bureau, side table, or shelf.

Keep It Clean

Record storage is one way to protect your records. You also need to care for them by keeping them clean and well-maintained. Big Fudge has an array of cleaning products for your albums, along with helpful tips to keep them in excellent condition. Browse today to find exactly what you need.