4 Ways to Celebrate Record Store Day 2023

Posted on January 31 2023

Record Store Day 2023: People shopping in a record store

World Record Store Day is a time to celebrate all the independent record stores that make your collection possible. Without their impact (and the holiday itself), records might not as be as prominent as they are in the digital age. But with all that in mind, how do you actually support Record Store Day? If you’re looking to support your local independent record store this year, here are four ways to celebrate Record Store Day 2023!

1. Attend a Local Event

Regardless of where you live, chances are that your local record store is going to offer some type of event on Record Store Day. Some independent stores may decide to go all out, booking entertainment and offering a wider range of activities and amenities (face painting, food trucks, etc.) to get the nearby community of record lovers together. Others may be smaller and limit it to a special promotion that only runs on Record Store Day. No matter what’s being offered, see if you can find a local event at your record store to mark on your calendar this year.

2. Take Advantage of Exclusive Sales & Giveaways

Every Record Store Day is an excellent opportunity to continue building your collection. This is due to the fact that some local record stores will be running promotions or sales and offering exclusive records. At the very least, this means that you can get some of your favorite records at a good discount on World Record Store Day. If you’re lucky, you may even be able to get your hands on some exclusives. Don’t forget giveaways, either. If there’s a chance to win something rare on Record Store Day 2023, take it!

3. Meet Some of Your Favorite Artists in Person

Appearances are by no means a rare occurrence on Record Store Day. Many artists will make planned visits to notable record stores that have an impact on their community and beyond. This is the perfect time to celebrate your love for both records and for the musicians behind some of your favorite vinyls. Check to see if there are any planned meet-and-greets in your area or in nearby locations. You can also sign up for updates directly on the Record Store Day official site so you don’t miss any opportunities along the way. Who knows who you might meet on Record Store Day 2023?

4. Celebrate Records by Taking Care of Your Collection

Having a passion for records means taking care of your collection properly. Without proper storage and maintenance, vinyls can become warped and damaged quite easily. This can extend to the equipment that you rely on to play your records too. That’s why we’re here to support your record care needs. Big Fudge offers a wide range of premium products for record care, including vinyl protection, vinyl cleaning supplies, and even vinyl storage. We’re dedicated to providing you with high-quality items at great prices and providing exceptional customer service every step of the way. 

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