Sleeves for vinyl records

The Best Sleeves for Vinyl Records

The integrity of your vinyl records depends on the quality of care. Dust, fingerprints, and smudges diminish the sound and luster of LPs. Knowing how to clean vinyl records is a major aspect of caring for a collection, but improper storage can damage your favorite tracks and ruin your music experience.

Learn about the best types of protective sleeves for vinyl records for your collection and enjoy your favorite beats for decades to come.

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Inner sleeves are essential for any vinyl lover. Inner sleeves help stop dust and static from accumulating and causing permanent damage. Archival-quality, acid-free paper is what makes up the best inner sleeves for vinyl records.

Paper sleeves are a less expensive option. Buyers should look for acid and alkaline-free sleeves made from heavyweight paper. Stick to inner sleeves with rounded edges to reduce tears and friction on the album covers.

Crystal clear polypropylene sleeves for vinyl records are durable and translucent, allowing audiophiles to see the LP through the sleeve.

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Archival-quality sleeves are the go-to for most music fans. The dense outer layer of the sleeve is more protective and resistant to static. The sleek material also reduces the chances of tearing the album cover, which keeps the album art pristine.

Outer sleeves also work to protect the album art from scuffs and wear. Give yourself peace of mind that your collection will remain spotless and safe when you use an outer sleeve.

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Vinyl collectors know proper maintenance is the best way to keep tunes sounding fresh. Big Fudge offers everything from cleaning kits to storage boxes. Find the tools you need to maintain the integrity of your record collection. Shop sleeves for vinyl records at Big Fudge today!