The Best Albums Since 2010

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The year is officially 2020, which means we begin a new decade and a new opportunity for music to flourish. This is incredibly exciting for music enthusiasts everywhere, but it also raises an important question: what were the best albums since 2010? This is a much debated question with a highly subjective answer. We have a couple of ideas here at Big Fudge, but we’re not claiming this list is the end-all, be-all, nor are the selections in order. There are so many amazing albums that came out. The ideal way to find out the best music of the 2010’s is to just start that playlist. Press play and get listening!

Bon Iver, Bon Iver (2011): Hugely talented, with a unique voice and haunting melodies, Bon Iver is often at the top of the alternative music game. His tititual sophomore album is absolutely one of the best albums since 2010, addressing issues like life and death, emphasized with instrumentals like light guitar and distorted bass saxophone. “Bon Iver” won the Grammy award for best alternative music album in 2012.

Florence + the Machine, How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful (2015): The third album from the band, “How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful,” is a masterpiece of Florence Welch’s writing. This time she focuses on spirituality, playing with literary techniques and nuances. This indie pop album was nominated for five Grammy Awards.

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Lin-Manuel Miranda, Hamilton: The Broadway Musical (2015): Hamilton took the Broadway community and the world by storm. No one expected this hit musical, and certainly no one could have predicted the impact it would make. Miranda takes the historical story of the “ten-dollar founding father” and puts it to rap and spoken word in a masterful way. Not only is this one of the best albums since 2010, it’s arguably one of the best theater albums of all time. “Hamilton” won a Grammy for Best Musical Theater Album and 11 Tony Awards.

Adele, 21 (2011): Adele proved her vocal power in her first album “19,” but “21” adds a depth of maturity to her already deep range. This album gave the world some of the best music of the 2010s, like “Someone Like You,” “Rumour Has It,” and “Set Fire to the Rain,” songs penned after a painful relationship. “21” won the 2012 Grammy for Album of the Year.

Beyonce, Lemonade (2016): Queen proved herself once again. This iconic R&B album, undoubtedly one of the best albums since 2010, was the sixth for Knowles and captured the world’s attention. Not only did the album cover a multitude of genres and themes, it was accompanied by tremendous writers and a documentary. “Lemonade” was nominated for nine Grammy Awards, winning two.

Leonard Cohen, You Want It Darker (2016): Cohen’s last ever album is a melancholy one, at that. This piece of art deals with themes like life, death, and God, appropriate as it was released nineteen days before Cohen’s death. His deep vocals rumble through this folk rock album. Cohen was iconic. “You Want It Darker,” was awarded the Grammy for Best Rock Performance.

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Taylor Swift, Lover (2019): Many consider Swift’s seventh studio album one of the best albums since 2010, and her comeback album. Finally the singer started to sound like herself again, and the world noticed. While “Lover,” doesn’t stay in one music category exactly, it has a fun pop sound that’s considered to be a “love letter to love.” Swift’s triumphant return earned her three Grammy Award nominations.

Kanye West, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy (2010): After a year of exile post controversy upon controversy, West released his fifth studio album to massive success. The album included many collaborations with artists like Jay-Z and Bon Iver. It is still considered one of his strongest albums to date, including some of the best music of the 2010’s. “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy” won the Grammy Award for Best Rap Album.

Well, there you have it. The best albums since 2010. We looked at music from across the board: rap, pop, indie, musical theater, country, and more. Okay, okay, so there are definitely some great ones that we left out. What would you put on your list?

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