Record Friend Vinyl Record Cleaner



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      Throw On Some Vinyl, And Clean…

      With the Record Friend vinyl record cleaner, you can make an entire evening of each record cleaning session. Easy and satisfying to use, this kit comes with everything you need for a sparkling, bone-dry shine as smooth as the jazz under the stylus. Clean 30-50 records at a time using the vinyl sink, then dry 10 albums at a time using the drying rack.

      Each kit includes:

      • Vinyl sink with lid
      • Drying rack holds 10 albums
      • 2x 150ml cleaning fluid concentrate
      • 2x microfiber cleaning brushes
      • 2x adjustable rollers
      • 1x all purpose cleaning cloth
      • 1x microfiber cleaning cloth
      • Complete instructions

      Each bottle of cleaning fluid in your vinyl record cleaning kit will last you for about 500 records. When you run out, you can order more cleaning fluid here. You can also order replacement brushes here.

      Meet Your New Best Friend

      Our innovative vinyl record cleaner streamlines the record maintenance process for beginner and old-school collectors alike. We recommend this system for lightly soiled records, in addition to older records that may have been in storage for years and require a deeper level of clean.

      Prepare the most satisfying clean ever when you buy Record Friend. Pair it with our well-reviewed record sleeves to keep your collection in pristine condition!

      How Often Do You Need to Replace the Water in the Basin?

      When you’re between cleanings, you can leave the water in the basin for up to a week. Be sure to remove your brushes from the water when doing so, however.

      You do not need to replace the cleaning solution and water when you’re cleaning at one time. A little bit of our vinyl record cleaner solution goes a long way, and can clean up to 30 records during one usage. We guarantee that you can clean up to 500 records with one bottle, but you can also purchase additional cleaning brushes and fluid if you feel you’re running out!

      What Does the Microfiber Cloth Do?

      The microfiber cloth is important! Compared to regular towels or cloths, the microfiber one we provide in this vinyl record cleaning kit protects your vinyl from any pesky fingerprints or debris after cleanings. We recommend picking up the vinyl with the microfiber cloth, drying it off, and placing it carefully onto the rack, without touching the record directly with any fingers.

      Should You Use Distilled Water?

      We recommend using distilled water for a few reasons. Tap water isn’t purified and can be filled with tiny bits of mineral deposits and debris. We may not be able to see them with our own eyes, but these bits can cause harm to your vinyl records in the form of tiny scratches. It’s best to play it safe and use distilled water if you can!

      Do the Albums Spin by Themselves?

      Nope! The Record Friend™ vinyl record cleaner is completely manual. You place the records into the basin one at a time, and spin them slowly, (about three times total) before wiping the excess water off. You then place them onto the drying rack, and repeat with the next record!