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      Record Holder Stand

      Let the world know what’s ‘now playing’ with our new vinyl record stand. Affordable with a classic design, our wood LP vinyl record holder will fit neatly next to any record player to smoothly display the tunes of the hour.

      The days of propping sleeves up against the wall are over. Class things up with a wooden vinyl stand to show off for friends, family, or even just yourself.

      Multifunctional and Streamlined Design

      Our wooden record holder stand is a chic addition to any room and a way to showcase the album cover artwork of whatever jams you have playing.


      • Wood base: 8 x 3.75”
      • Album groove: ⅝”
      • Stands 8.75” tall with rods inserted
      • Holds 1-2 albums, double albums, or triple albums
      • Collapsible for easy storage or transport

      For digital media enjoyment, we’ve also designed this vinyl record stand to help you prop up your tablet in case you feel like watching and listening to Pink Floyd’s The Wall while working. (We won’t tell your boss, we promise.) This stand features a groove in the wood base to accommodate most tablet models.

      Upscale Options to Match Your Space

      This stand comes in wood finish styles, so you can match it perfectly with whatever tone or mood suits the room. Choose from beech (a lighter, creamier wood finish) or sapele, which is a darker, more mahogany brown finish. If you’re buying this stand for your next jam session, then consider the sapele as it is a classic choice used for crafting guitar necks. The warmth of either wood finish is a nice complement to the silver rods that prop up your album artwork with ease.

      The vinyl stand speaks for itself. We’ve designed this display to show off your records without damaging the album art. The smooth design doesn't just look nice -- it will protect all sleeves from any wear. Assembly of the vinyl record stand is simple as well and requires almost no effort. Just attach the two pieces, and you’re all set.

      All products by Big Fudge are designed by passionate vinyl lovers for passionate vinyl lovers. Shop our record holder stands today for the most effortless way to show off your record collection.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      How many records can the stand display at a time?

      The vinyl record holder is designed to showcase 1-2 albums simultaneously. It's also equipped to display double or even triple albums. This versatility ensures that whether you're playing a single or a collection, your records will be held safely and prominently for all to admire.

      Is the vinyl record stand easy to assemble?

      Absolutely! Our stand boasts a user-friendly design, making assembly a breeze. With just two pieces to connect, even those who aren't typically hands-on will find the setup process straightforward and hassle-free. Your stand will be ready to display your favorite records in minutes.

      What types of finishes are available for the stand?

      Our stand offers two distinct and aesthetically pleasing wood finishes. First is the beech finish, which radiates a light, creamy hue. The second is sapele, exuding a rich, mahogany brown reminiscent of classic musical instruments like guitar necks. Both options ensure your stand is both functional and stylish.

      Can I use the stand for other purposes, like holding a tablet?

      Yes, it features a multifunctional design. The vinyl record stand comes with a groove in its wood base, perfectly sized to accommodate most tablet models. So, whether you're jamming to tunes or catching up on a series, this stand ensures your device is held securely and at a convenient viewing angle.

      Will the stand damage or wear out my album covers?

      Preservation is a priority. Crafted with great care, the vinyl record holder ensures that your cherished album art remains pristine. Its design is elegant and protective, ensuring no wear or tear. Display your records with confidence, knowing their integrity is maintained.

      Is the vinyl record stand portable?

      The vinyl stand is collapsible, ensuring ease of storage and transport. Its lightweight and compact nature makes it perfect for home use and those on the go. Whether relocating it within your living space or taking it to an event, its portability makes it a must-have accessory for vinyl record enthusiasts.