Record Cube - Vinyl Record Storage - Set of 5 Boxes for Beloved Vinyl with Blank Labels to Keep Track of Albums Inside - Keeps Up to 350 LP Records Safe!



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      Storing Your Favorite Records Has Never Been Easier

      When it comes to keeping your favorites safe and organized, storing your vinyl records is the best way to ensure they sound great for decades to come. Whether you’ve just gotten into collecting records or you’ve been scouring local record stores and forums for years, it pays to invest in the best possible vinyl storage boxes.

      Exploring The Crates

      Record shelves are one thing, but nothing feels as satisfying as flipping through a crate. And with record cubes, you can flip and organize records to your heart’s content! Let your fingers wander down memory lane with our signature Record Cube.

      Self-Assembling Vinyl Record Storage Boxes

      While other boxes with lids need an engineering degree, Record Cube Vinyl Storage just needs one push, and it folds into itself. Made from 300gsm B-Flute Cardstock and matte laminated to hold 70 records (each) without sagging.

      5 Boxes To Store 350 LPs

      These black vinyl boxes are purpose-built to hug your melodies with a label to write what’s inside. Bright branding lets everyone know this is NOT a boring file box.

      Will They Fit My Shelf?

      Do you have the IKEA KALLAX shelf? The Record Cube fits KALLAX perfectly. But of course, you’re a smart vinyl collector, so measure it up first and see if it fits; you can order this vinyl holder with confidence.

      Order Vinyl Storage And Cleaning Accessories From Big Fudge

      At Big Fudge, we’re proud to help vinyl lovers everywhere keep their collections in mint condition. Ensure unparalleled protection for your vinyl records with our storage boxes and other supplies.

      To keep your favorites sounding great, read our blog for tips on how to clean and store vinyl records, and check out our easy-to-use record cleaner kits, outer sleeves, and inner sleeves.