The Five Best Romantic Vinyl Records for Valentine's Day

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With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, now is the perfect time to enhance your record collection with a few Valentine’s Day albums. Whether your audio aesthetics tend toward playfully flirty, straight-up sexy, or somewhere in between, we’ve got something on the list for you. Set the mood with a romantic vinyl record your someone special is sure to love, and get inspired by these top picks from the music-loving staff at Big Fudge. 

Al Green / Let’s Stay Together 

With ultra-romantic lyrics and baby-making backbeats, Al Green’s iconic Let’s Stay Together is one of the best Valentine’s Day albums, hands down. Timeless and soulful, this romantic vinyl record is sweet, sexy, endlessly danceable, and an enduring mainstay of the perfect Valentine’s Day playlist. Tonally, this album is consistently excellent from start to finish, so it’s the perfect album to begin or end your night. 


We’re suckers for the display potential of the XX’s minimalist album art, but the real magic of this Valentine’s Day album is its unique combination of lusciously breathy vocals and sultry instrumentals. The eponymous XX album is perfect for intentional listening with a splitter set of headphones on or for having on in the background during whatever other Valentine’s Day activities you may have planned. 

Miles Davis / Kind of Blue 

A favorite among jazz aficionados and newcomers to the genre alike, Kind of Blue is one of the most iconic albums from the legendary Miles Davis. This romantic vinyl record manages to be both artful and emotive, and it’s an ideal choice for ambient mood-setting or invite-only two-person listening parties. Best yet, this Valentine’s Day album is perfect for a broad range of occasions and settings, so you can also use it to underscore your next party, or simply have it on display to impress your guests.

Chris Isaak / Heart Shaped World 

Defined by the sensuous vocals and beachy, laidback guitar sounds for which Chris Isaak was rightfully adored in the ’90s, Heart Shaped World is the perfect addition to your Valentine’s Day album collection. Compared to some more well-known items on our list, this romantic vinyl record is a bit off the beaten path, making it an especially fun choice to break out during the holiday of love. 

Sade / Love Deluxe

We’ve written before about the magic of incredible album art, and even before you get to what’s inside the record sleeve, Sade’s Love Deluxe is high on our list of amazing Valentine’s Day albums. From the album title to the imagery to lyrics, vocals, and in-the-moment instrumentation, this romantic vinyl record is ideal for any couple who has “no ordinary love.” 

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