Big Fudge Record Friend | Replacement Rollers Set of 2



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      The Record Friend™ is one of our most popular tools for collectors. The Record Friend™ lasts for upwards of 500 cleans, but some dedicated collectors go above and beyond that big number, and at some point, they need replacement parts. Instead of purchasing an entire new kit, we offer replacements so that you can buy only what you need. These Big Fudge Record™ Friend roller replacements come in a set of 2 and work perfectly with our adjustable rollers.

      Serious vinyl record collectors trust Big Fudge for the most effective record cleaner parts and accessories. Vinyl can last a lifetime and beyond if treated well and stored correctly, and cleaning is a massive part of that conservation process. The Record Friend™ is so beloved because it’s specially made to treat records with the delicate care they need while using the right materials to get them adequately cleaned. Preserve the best sound quality for many years to come with the right tools for the job! Pair the Record Friend™ with our heavy duty record sleeves to keep your collection in mint condition.

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