Vinyl Record Cleaning Fluid Refill for the 4-in-1 Cleaning Kit(3.4 oz, 100 ml)



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      KEEP YOUR ENTIRE VINYL SETUP LOOKING SPOTLESS – At Big Fudge, we know that record collectors have a lot invested in their vinyl collections. From the records themselves, to the items you use to keep them safe, and even the turntable or record player that you use to enjoy your music – there are multiple parts to this amazing hobby. With that in mind, we also offer the 4-in-1 cleaning kit (which includes multiple record brushes and our vinyl record cleaning fluid) to keep your records and your record player in the best condition possible.

      KEEP THE TOOLS, REFILL THE BOTTLE – Once you start to use our 4-in-1 cleaning kit, you’ll soon make it a part of your regular maintenance and cleaning regimen for your collection. But once you’ve used up all of the vinyl record cleaning fluid that comes with your kit, we do sell our vinyl record supplies separately as refills and replacements.

      SAFE FOR YOUR VINYL – Our vinyl record cleaning fluid is guaranteed to be safe for all vinyl records, as it is an alcohol-free mix that will clean away dirt, grime and fingerprints before spotlessly drying away.

      THE BIG FUDGE STANDARD – As fellow audiophiles with our own vinyl collections, we understand the importance of maintaining the life-long sound and feel of your records. This is why when you buy from Big Fudge, you know that you’re getting high-quality protection and cleaning products that won’t damage your albums in any way. We wouldn’t sell you anything that we wouldn’t use on our own collections – so you can buy today with confidence!