Refills and replacements for the best vinyl record care by Big Fudge

Vinyl Record Care Supplies: Refills & Replacements

Don’t let stray dust and oils interrupt your musical flow. When the cleaning fluid in your Big Fudge 4-in-1 cleaning kit or Record Friend™ 50-record cleaning system is running low, you can easily pick up the next bottle here. We’ve also got replacement vinyl record care parts including new cleaning brushes for your Record Friend™.

Anti-Static Brushes by Big Fudge

No More Running Out Of Juice

Our products are designed to increase the longevity of your LP collection. Record Friend™ cleaning fluid is meant to be diluted, so each lasts long enough to clean about 500 records. Use our cleaning fluid not only with our 4-in-1 set but also alone with any microfiber cleaning cloth you have at home. Don’t wait until your cleaning fluids and parts go kerplunk – having a replacement on hand is a good way to make sure that your record collection’s support system is always at the ready.

Record Cleaning Products by Big Fudge

Perfect Your Record Experience

Your record collection shouldn’t go it alone. Using record cleaning products in conjunction with the highest quality record sleeves is the best recipe for premium vinyl record care. Shop refills and replacements now, and let us know if you have any comments or questions!