Stylus Gel - Anti-Static Stylus Cleaner | Removes Dust Quickly and Effectively | Clean Your Record Player Needle in Style & Enhance Audio Quality in Seconds!


  • Product Description

      Clean dust and debris off your record player needle to improve sound quality instantly

      This compact solution is a gentle approach to cleaning your stylus - gone are the days of swiping rough carbon fiber bristles under your needle. The verdict is out: Audiophiles recommend using gel cleaners for your turntable!

      Improves Audio Quality in Seconds

      Place the Stylus Gel underneath the needle, and gently lower the tonearm into the gel - repeat 2x times. Done!

      Safe to Use

      All Big Fudge products have been extensively tested to be safe on your vinyl and record players. The stylus gel is no different.

      Great for Gifting

      The record collector in your life is fond of their knick-knacks. Surprise them with something new!