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      Our Big Fudge stylus cleaner does it all for you. We’ve developed a gentler solution to cleaning your stylus that will completely remove every speck of dust without harming anything in the process. Gone are the days of swiping rough, carbon fibers under your needle. Dancing days are here again with improved sound quality that, like all our products, helps extend your collection’s life.

      This cleaner works by gently lowering the tonearm into the gel and letting the magic happen. We recommend doing this two to three times to maximize the dust-cleaning powers. The dust and debris will cling to the gel, leaving your stylus squeaky clean. There’s not much more to it than that!

      Safe and Non-Toxic

      All of our Big Fudge products have been extensively tested and are guaranteed safe to use on your records and vinyl players. This turntable stylus cleaner is no exception and is a much safer option to use than other products made with harmful or dangerous chemicals. We’ve been designing high-quality record-cleaning products with passionate music lovers like you in mind since 2016.

      We recommend using the cleaner regularly to protect your needle from the wear and tear of usage. You can easily clean it off with a little bit of warm water and soap in between uses to keep it working in great condition.

      Improve Sound Quality

      Our cleaner isn’t just for keeping your record player working in good condition; it can also help improve its overall sound quality. Consider purchasing one for yourself, as well as your vinyl record-loving friends and family members. This stylus cleaner is a fantastic gift for any music lover in your life that will definitely be used over and over again.

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      Frequently Asked Questions

      How often should I use the Big Fudge stylus gel to clean my stylus?

      To maintain your stylus in optimal condition, it's recommended to use the Big Fudge stylus gel regularly, typically every 10-15 hours of playtime. This regular cleaning routine using the stylus cleaner helps prevent the accumulation of dust and debris on your stylus, ensuring that it continues to deliver high-quality sound.

      Can the stylus gel remove deep-seated dirt or grime from my stylus?

      While the Big Fudge stylus gel is highly effective at removing surface dust and debris from your stylus, for more stubborn dirt or grime that may be deeply seated, we recommend using a specialized stylus cleaning brush or a stylus cleaning solution before applying the stylus gel. This combination of cleaning methods will ensure your stylus remains in the best possible condition.

      Is the stylus gel compatible with all types of stylus needles?

      Yes, the Big Fudge stylus cleaner is designed to be compatible with a wide range of stylus needles. Whether your turntable setup uses elliptical, conical, microline, or other stylus shapes, you can confidently use the turntable stylus cleaner without worrying about compatibility issues. It offers versatility for various stylus types and turntable configurations.

      Can I use the stylus gel on vintage or delicate stylus needles?

      Absolutely! The Big Fudge stylus gel is formulated to be gentle and safe for use on vintage or delicate stylus needles. You can trust that it won't harm or degrade your precious stylus, ensuring that your vinyl collection remains in excellent condition.

      What should I do if the stylus gel becomes less effective over time?

      If you notice that the adhesive properties of the stylus cleaner seem to diminish over time, there's a simple solution. Gently knead the stylus gel to refresh its adhesive properties. This straightforward step should restore the gel's effectiveness in capturing dust and debris from your stylus.

      Is the stylus gel reusable, or do I need to replace it after a certain number of uses?

      The Big Fudge stylus gel is designed to be reusable and long-lasting. With proper care and maintenance, it can serve you well for an extended period. Clean the gel between uses with warm water and mild soap to keep it in excellent working condition. This regular cleaning routine using the stylus cleaner will help prolong the life of the stylus gel, ensuring that it remains an effective tool for stylus maintenance in your vinyl setup.