Big Fudge Tip of the Month: Vinyl Record Organizer Ideas We Love

Keeping your collection in great or as near-mint condition is a goal pretty much every vinyl lover has. To do that, you need the right vinyl record organizer system. Whether you’re a fan of the classics or you’ve just started collecting, here are some essential vinyl album storage tips.

Vinyl Record Organizer Ideas

If you have a pretty sizeable collection of vinyl records you’re constantly upgrading, you’ll likely need a fairly comprehensive style of organization. Here are some pretty common arrangements.

By Artist


Sorting by artist is relatively easy if you have a big collection of records. Simply sort by artists’ last names in alphabetical order. This is especially beneficial if you’re a brick and mortar record retailer looking for efficient ways for your customers to find their favorites.

By Genre

Vinyl records stored A-Z with dog in background

If your tastes are a bit more eclectic, you can even sort by genre in addition to or instead of artists’ names in alphabetical order. Sorting by genre will help keep your vinyl records organized, especially if you have a sizeable collection of hundreds or possibly even thousands of individual releases.

Stacked Cubes


Using stacked record cubes give you a chance to easily organize your vinyl records while keeping them preserved in the condition you got them in. At Big Fudge Vinyl, we have these perfectly-sized record cubes you can label, organize, and stack for easy storage and organization.

Vinyl Album Storage & Display Ideas

If you’re a fan of integrating records into your home’s overall aesthetic, these are some vinyl record organization tips for you.

By Featured Selection

Vinyl records stored with industrial chic interior design

If you have a few favorites you love playing on repeat, you can keep them easily accessible and presentable with a vinyl record organizer that lets you put those classics on display.

This also works out quite well if your favorite records have vivid or instantly-recognizable album art in their outer sleeves.

Record Cabinet and/or Floating Shelves

vinyl records stored in wall shelves

Record cabinets offer more permanent solutions for vinyl storage, especially if they’re well-designed pieces of furniture that also house your turntable. Take some cues from the picture above and upgrade your collection with some floating shelves, too.

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