Outer Sleeves - 3 mil HDPP, Crystal Clear, Wrinkle-Free


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      Beautiful Heavy-Duty Protection

      We know the love of displaying your record collection. Vinyl record outer sleeves by Big Fudge are made from durable, crystal clear high-density polypropylene. Unlike industry-standard polyethylene record sleeves, which are opaque and easily clouded, our outer sleeves allow your album art to stand out and last longer.

      Like all our other products, our outer record sleeves are designed by record geeks who want to make products worthy of their own standards. Other protective covers may split at the seams or wrinkle, but our sleeves are designed to forego all of those issues. We ensure that our clear vinyl sleeves will fit both single LPs comfortably and accommodate your prized gatefold or double albums snugly. We’ve streamlined the vinyl outer sleeve design further by removing the bulk that resealable flaps cause in other brands’ sleeve styles.

      Product Details

      • Measuring 12.75 x 12.75 inches, our vinyl record outer sleeves will fit single records, gatefold, or double albums comfortably.
      • We offer this product for both 7" and 12" records. Both are available as 50x or 100x packs.

      More Record Maintenance Tools By Big Fudge

      When it comes to ensuring the longevity and pristine quality of your vinyl records, Big Fudge stands out with a comprehensive range of top-quality maintenance tools. Apart from our vinyl outer sleeves, we also bring you premium heavy-duty inner sleeves crafted to guard your records against dust, scratches, and static. For regular upkeep, the 4-in-1 cleaning kit provides an all-in-one solution to keep records spotless and sounding their best. Our Record Friend 50-record cleaning system revolutionizes the cleaning process for those with extensive collections by accommodating up to 50 records at a time, ensuring efficiency without compromising care. 

      Additionally, once your vinyl records are clean, our innovative record storage solutions come into play, designed meticulously to avert any potential damage, including warping, and to keep your collection systematically organized. For those passionate about vinyl and eager for the latest product updates, tips, and exclusive offers, we encourage you to sign up for our newsletter. Join our community and enjoy a special 15% discount on your first purchase. Ensure your collection gets the premium care it truly deserves with Big Fudge tools.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      How does the "Crystal Clear" feature of these vinyl outer sleeves enhance their usability?

      The "Crystal Clear" feature ensures complete transparency of the vinyl sleeve, allowing users to view the enclosed vinyl record with pristine clarity. This feature is particularly beneficial for showcasing album artwork, ensuring the content inside remains visually appealing without any cloudiness or distortion.

      Why is "Wrinkle-Free" important in an outer sleeve?

      A "Wrinkle-Free" outer record sleeve ensures a smooth, clean appearance, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of stored vinyl records. It prevents unwanted creases and folds, ensuring the content remains in pristine condition, and provides an uninterrupted view of the enclosed vinyl record, which is especially important for collectors or display purposes.

      How does the 3-mil HDPP material impact the sleeve's longevity and protection capabilities?

      The 3-mil HDPP material offers a balance between flexibility and robust protection. Being thicker than standard sleeves, it provides enhanced resistance against scratches, dust, and external contaminants. Its durability ensures that the vinyl outer sleeve lasts longer, safeguarding the contents inside while maintaining its original appearance.