Tip of the Month: Creative Ways to Display Vinyl Records

organized vinyl records

So you have this amazing record collection. You’ve hunted and gathered these musical treasures. You love them. But they’re all sitting in a cardboard box in your closet. Sound familiar to anyone? If so, you need to rad about these creative ways of displaying vinyl records. At Big Fudge, we know that records should be displayed simply because of how cool they are, but also because careful storage and preservation is one of the best ways to ensure a long-lasting record. Check out our tips!

records displayed on shelves

A Vinyl Rack: This would be a pretty standard way to showcase your collection. These vinyl racks look and operate very much as a magazine stand would. With one of these, you can easily see and sort through your records. The downside to this option is that it would take up a fair bit of room.

Simple Shelves: Instead of books, display your vinyl records on a shelf! With simple shelving, you can neatly arrange and display your record collection with ease. A drawback to this method would be that collectors cannot see the album cover, though it does allow for storing more records.

Framed and Hung: Just as you’d frame and hang a beloved painting, you can do the same with vinyl! This is a pretty simple way to display vinyl records. Anywhere you have a picture hung in your home, you can hang a record too. Our premium record sleeves have a transparent side that would protect your records while on display.

record room with piano

Arranged Mosaic: We think this may be our favorite creative option at Big Fudge. Similarly to framing and hanging, arranging records in a sort of mosaic on the wall turns your albums into art! But this way, you can get as creative as you’d like. When hanging them, however, you will need to be extra careful about how you attach them to the wall so as to not damage the sleeve.

Record Console: If you’re looking for a more permanent and substantial way of displaying your vinyl records, we encourage a record console. This is a piece of furniture that can hold your record player on top and store the vinyl in a shelf underneath. We like this option because everything is in one place. You can have a record corner or record section of your home!

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Want some more amazing tips like these? Make sure to check out our blog for monthly tips and tricks on how to care for your record collection! And reach out to us with any questions or displaying vinyl records success stories!