5 Cool Ways to Display Vinyl Records That Won’t Hurt Them

Cool vinyl record display on album rails

After investing so much time and energy to bring your personal collection together, your prized musical possessions shouldn’t be shoved in a box somewhere and forgotten. Not only does improper storage ruin LPs, but it’s also a missed opportunity to add some appeal and style to your place. Discover cool ways to display your records without damaging them by using Big Fudge’s five awesome tips!

Album Rails

We buy posters of the best album covers for our walls, but have you ever considered using the album itself as part of your decor? One unique way of displaying record albums involves album rails. Album rails are attached to the wall and allow you to mount your vinyl records in a neat little row. They come in different lengths, allowing you some storage customization based on your personal needs.

Putting your records up is easy: just slide the albums you want to display between the top and bottom rails and stand back to enjoy the view. The album is kept out of harm’s way and remains unobscured by glass glare. Using a premium inner and outer sleeve also provides an extra layer of protection while it hangs in the living room. The downside? This cool way to display records makes playing your favorite jams a little tricky, though record shops do a great job of displaying them this way.

Antique Book Trolley

Woman sitting in a vinyl record library

If you already love the retro look of LPs, you’re going to love the aesthetic of an antique book trolley. Book trolleys are a librarian’s best friend as they organize and return books to their proper shelves. The wheels make transportation easy while the shelves secure the books when moving from place to place. LP collectors can swap out the books for vinyl records and make a mobile library of their musical treasures.

The best and worst aspect of using shelves is they’re great for storing large collections of vinyl records but hide the album art as a result. As long as the albums are kept dust-free, upright, and dry, a shelf is one of the least damaging display options out there and remains one of the coolest ways yet to display records. The mobility advantage book trolleys have over traditional shelving methods is another convenient bonus.

Storage Cube

If you want your copy of Hunky Dory to remain in easy reach for the next time you get the itch to jam out to Bowie, storage cubes keep your LPs accessible. Record cubes are the go-to for collectors who enjoy the superior sound of LPs and not just their retro look. Organizing is easy and rearranging according to your changing taste and new additions is free of hassle. If you use inner and outer sleeves for your vinyl and album, keeping your records spotless and sounding fresh is simple with regular cleanings. While this is a cool way to display records, storage cubes are not very conservative when it comes to space unless you invest in stackable cubes. Lucky for you, Big Fudge’s stackable Record Cube comes with five units and can hold up to 350 of your favorite LPs.

CLRCASE® Vinyl Record Display Cases

Southern California’s KCRW radio station has said that the CLRCASE ® by Art of Records is the perfect way to display vinyl records, and we could not agree more. Based on museum-quality, crystal-clear display cases, the design is perfect for keeping your beloved LPs protected while showing them off like works of art on your walls. What makes these cases perfect for protecting your records is the spindle inside the case that allows you to hang the record inside the case without harming it. You can display everything from just the LP, or album jacket, or both! Art of Records has made it so you can easily access your record with an easy-open front, so your vinyl isn’t locked away forever.

Upcycled Furniture

Take on a unique and artistic approach to displaying your favorite finds when you upcycle furniture. Serious vinyl record collectors who want a space dedicated to their hobby invest in furniture to show off their collection. This cool way to display your records makes your collection a central piece in any room. Everything you need to rock out in your home is in one spot when you go with this vinyl record storage display.

Upcycling furniture, like desks or cabinets, and turning it into a safe haven for your tunes is personal and unique. The look of your display is limited only by your creativity, the number of records in your collection, and available space. With the growing popularity of DIY projects, it’s no wonder upcycled furniture is one of our favorite ways to safely display your music. The biggest drawback is for music lovers with a huge collection and limited space.

Great Care Means Great Sound

Displaying your vinyl records in a cool way without damaging them is just one aspect of being a true music enthusiast. Let Big Fudge help you with all your storage and cleaning needs. Shop at a company made by music lovers for music lovers when you go to Big Fudge!