Upcoming Limited Edition Vinyl You Need to Know About

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Here at Big Fudge, we love the start of the new year — and now, the new decade — because it means endless possibilities for new music! And if not new music, often artists will release special versions of beloved albums. And what does that mean for record enthusiasts? Limited edition vinyl, baby! We’ve broken down some of the top upcoming limited edition vinyl you need to know about. Check it out!

Halsey, Milky Clear LP: For lovers of modern pop music, Halsey is on top. This LP promises new, exciting sounds from the young star. This is a great opportunity for younger listeners to perhaps start a collection of their own. Halsey’s new LP proves that vinyl records are here to stay for every generation!

The City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra, The Complete Harry Potter Film Collection: For people who can’t quite let go of their childhood, the City of Prague Philharmonic is releasing this intense limited edition vinyl collection of the music of Harry Potter. Here, you’ll be able to revisit your favorite parts of the films through sound.

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Eminem, The Slim Shady LP (Expanded Edition) Triple Vinyl: One of his best albums, The Slim Shady LP expands on what people already love. A triple vinyl album is special, promising hours of sick beats and emotional, powerful rhymes.

Miles Davis, The Miles Davis Quintet: The Legendary Prestige Sessions: The brilliant Miles Davis keeps delivering amazing music even from the grave. This limited edition vinyl gives fans of the jazz icon a collection of some of his best sessions.

Leonard Cohen, Thanks for the Dance: Gold Foil Embossed Vinyl: This vinyl comes to us even more poignant after the great Cohen’s recent death. The title itself is melancholy considering. Not only will this album give us Cohen’s deep, soulful voice one more time, the physical vinyl will also be gorgeous and special.

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Fleetwood Mac, Before the Beginning - 1968-1970 Live & Demo Sessions: Live and demo albums are incredibly exciting, even for diehard fans. Fleetwood Mac followers will be chomping at the bit to perhaps hear something new or a change from some of their favorite songs in this limited edition vinyl album.

Van Morrison, Three Chords & The Truth Silver 2LP: Everyone loves new tunes from an old favorite. Van Morrison is back with a collection of beautiful lyrics and expressive instrumentals. Fans will love to get their hands on this new album, adding to their already precious Morrison collection.

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