Vinyl Cleaning Kit


  • Product Description

      Our premium vinyl cleaning kit includes everything you need to clean dust, dirt, and fingerprints from your vinyl records. Use the alcohol-free cleaning spray with the antistatic velvet brush for a perfect scratch-free clean. Use the stylus brush to dust off any particles attached to your turntable needle.

      Get ready to hear your record collection sound its best again.

      The included 50 mL bottle of cleaning fluid lasts most users for a year or more. When it does run out, buy a replacement bottle here.

      Record-Cleaning For All Collectors

      Our 4-in-1 vinyl cleaning kit is the easiest way to a thorough clean. Even with the best record sleeves, records can collect dust and other substances that get in the way of sound quality. When that happens, use a vinyl record cleaning solution such as this kit or our Record Friend™ system, which can simultaneously clean up to 50 records.

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