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      4-in-1 Vinyl Cleaning Kit Frequently Asked Questions

      Whether you’re new to vinyl or have been an audiophile for years, you’re bound to have some questions about maintaining your records. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions we get about the 4-in-1 record care kit.

      What’s included in the 4-in-1 Vinyl Record Cleaning Kit?

      Our kit comes fully stocked with everything you need to maintain your records. Here’s what’s inside:

      - Alcohol-Free Vinyl Record Cleaning Solution

      - Antistatic Velvet Cleaning Brush

      - Dust & Static Remover

      - Storage Bag

      How long does the kit’s record supplies last?

      This record cleaning kit will last you for years. The cleaning solution typically lasts one year, but the other items inside are durable and will be an asset to your collection for years to come. But worry not, when you run out of the cleaning solution, you can easily restock right here at Big Fudge!

      Is it easy to use?

      Our cleaning kit is incredibly easy to use and very intuitive. From inspection to storage, we have all the tips and tricks you need to maintain your records and keep them in pristine condition with our high-quality vinyl record cleaning solutions.

      Why should I clean my vinyl?

      Cleaning your records makes a huge difference in the sound quality of your records. Not only will our cleaning kit make your records sound better, but it also makes it easy to achieve long-lasting sound quality. Cleaning all those specks, dust, and smudges definitely makes a difference — just read our customer reviews below to see for yourself!

      At Big Fudge, we’re bringing the best vinyl care to record-lovers everywhere. We have cleaning supplies, storage sleeves, tips and tricks, and so much more to help you get the best quality audio out of every record you own. Explore more and get in touch with the team today!