Record Friend Cleaning Fluid - 150ml (5.1oz) Refill Bottle



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      OFFICIAL REFILL FOR YOUR RECORD FRIEND KIT – Done cleaning 500 records? Good for you! It’s time to buy another bottle of vinyl record cleaner fluid. Buying our vinyl album cleaning solution bottles means that you’ll get to continue using your Record Friend cleaning kit without worrying if the chemicals are going to damage your records while ensuring that your vinyl collection stays in amazing condition.

      CLEAN UP TO 500 RECORDS WITH EVERY BOTTLE – Each bottle of our record cleaning liquid is designed to work with the Record Friend cleaning kit (available exclusively from Big Fudge) and should help you clean up to 250 records per bottle. All it takes is three capfuls of vinyl record cleaner fluid added to the water in your Record Friend kit sink (up to the fill line), and you’re all set to get your records looking their absolute best.

      BIG FUDGE HAS EVERYTHING YOU NEED – From our vinyl album cleaning fluid solutions – both the Record Friend refills and our 4-in-1 Cleaner Kit refills – to our line of inner and outer protector sleeves, Big Fudge products are designed to be better than industry standards. You can depend on the products you buy from us to clean, protect, and organize your entire record collection.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      Can I use this cleaner fluid with other vinyl record cleaning kits?

      We highly recommend using our Record Friend cleaning fluid exclusively with the Record Friend cleaning kit. This ensures optimal performance and helps avoid any potential damage to your records that could be caused by using incompatible vinyl album cleaning solutions.

      Does the cleaning fluid work on all types of records?

      Yes. Our cleaning fluid works effectively on all standard vinyl records, including LPs, EPs, 45s, and 78s. It helps remove dust, dirt, and grime, providing a thorough cleaning without damaging the record surface.

      How often should I clean my records with this fluid?

      The frequency of cleaning depends on how often you play your records and the conditions in which they’re stored. As a general rule, it’s a good idea to clean records every 10-20 plays or if you notice a buildup of dust or dirt.

      Is the cleaning fluid safe for my record labels?

      Yes. Our vinyl album cleaning solution is safe to use on your record labels when used as directed. However, to avoid potential water damage, it’s always a good idea to take extra care when cleaning near the label area and avoid prolonged exposure to water or cleaning solutions.

      How long will a bottle of the record cleaning liquid last?

      Each bottle contains enough fluid to clean up to 250 records when used as directed with the Record Friend cleaning kit. The lifespan of a bottle will depend on the size of your collection and how often you clean your records.

      Does the cleaning fluid contain any harsh chemicals?

      Our cleaning fluid is specially formulated to provide a gentle yet effective clean without the need for harsh chemicals. This premium vinyl album cleaning solution is designed to be tough on dirt and grime while being safe for your vinyl records, ensuring a thorough clean without causing damage or deterioration.