3 Things Every Vinyl Collector Needs

vinyl records framed on a wall

A vinyl collector needs a good turntable and an impressive record collection. We all know that. But there are a few other vinyl record essentials that every collector should acquaint themselves with as well. After all, preserving and showcasing your records is as important as owning them. If you want your vinyl to spin like new for years to come, be sure to add the following accessories to your collection.

Extra Protective Sleeves

For maximum protection from dust and other contaminants, every record needs both an inner and outer sleeve. This ensures that the entire record is covered and preserved when not in use. Unfortunately, not every record comes standard with both sleeves, and if you’re purchasing some of your vinyl secondhand, you’ll be lucky if it includes any sleeve at all.

To ensure that you’re always prepared, we recommend buying a large pack of record sleeves. Whenever a new record is added to your collection, you can just grab a couple of sleeves from your drawer and slip them over the disc.

Our Vinyl Record Sleeves Bundle includes 50 outer sleeves and 50 inner sleeves and is perfect for any serious vinyl collector. Designed for 12” records, these sleeves are acid-free and provide both surface protection and climate protection. Each one is equipped with custom rounded corners, so you can easily slide your records in and out. The sleeves even include external seams that allow you to remove and insert records without snagging them. When your records are secured, you never have to worry about them, even when they sit idle for months or years at a time.

Vinyl Storage

A serious vinyl collector doesn’t just stack their records against a wall. You need real vinyl storage that looks good and offers you easy access to your collection. There are a number of vinyl storage solutions, each with its own pros and cons:

  • Vinyl cabinets: Cabinets are a versatile choice, as there are so many styles to choose from. You can go with a traditional-looking cabinet or one that emulates the look of an old record store vinyl display. The only downsides are that cabinets tend to cost more and they sometimes take up a lot of space.
  • Vinyl shelves: Shelves are an attractive, space-saving choice. Your records are always on display and within reach. However, shelves tend to hold fewer records than other storage solutions.
  • Pallets: In recent years, it has become very fashionable to repurpose wood pallets into vinyl displays. Pallets offer a cool rustic look, and they’re easy to acquire for very little money. You just have to be careful, as many pallets (particularly those once used for shipping) are treated with harsh pesticides and other chemicals, and some can even have traces of mold or other contaminants if they’ve spent a lot of time outdoors.
  • Wall frames: Wall frames are the most striking and attractive choice. Rather than sticking your vinyl in a cabinet, you can showcase it in a prominent location for all to see. This is a really fun option, but it should only be reserved for a few choice records. If you’re a serious vinyl collector with a sizable assortment of records, it’s not a practical solution for your collection as a whole.

vinyl storage box

And then, of course, there are crates. If you’re looking for a vinyl storage solution that’s attractive, secure, and easy to manage, we recommend the Record Cube. Each set comes with 5 boxes, and each box holds up to 70 records. You can easily store up to 350 LPs. Each crate is made from 300gsm B-Flute Cardstock and is matte-laminated, so it looks good while also offering total protection.

A Quality Vinyl Cleaning Kit

Finally, no vinyl collector should be without a good cleaning kit. After all, those records get dirty, and if you don’t actively take steps to keep them clean, the dirt can penetrate and scratch the surface of your vinyl, damaging it permanently.

The 4-in-1 Vinyl Cleaning Kit makes it easy. This kit includes our antistatic brush, alcohol-free cleaning spray, stylus brush, and cleaning fluid in one convenient travel pouch. It’s one of our favorite vinyl record essentials because it offers a comprehensive care system that’s compact and easy.

Did we miss your favorite vinyl essentials? Let us know!