Vinyl Record Inner Record Sleeves - Acid-Free Paper & Round Corners


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      Vinyl Collector Basics Done Right

      Big Fudge premium vinyl record inner sleeves are made from bright white, heavyweight paper (20 lbs) that is both acid and alkaline-free. Designed by collectors for collectors, these sleeves feature exterior seams instead of interior seams, making it easier to slide your records in without wearing down the sleeve. We also use rounded corners instead of square corners to ensure a perfect fit in any album cover. There’ll be no more scuffing, static build-up, or dust.

      We offer record jackets for both 12-inch and 7-inch records. Both are available in 50x or 100x packs.

      Elevate Your Vinyl Experience

      For the avid collector, we understand that vinyl records are more than just a medium for music - they're a piece of history, a nod to the bygone era, and an investment for the future. That's why we've curated a range of tools to protect and preserve the original quality and soul of your collection, including our acid-free paper record sleeves. Our range of outer and inner vinyl sleeves, jackets, and cleaning kits ensure that your vinyl remains as pristine as the day it was pressed.

      Investing in our products is investing in the longevity of your collection. With Big Fudge, you're not just buying protection; you're ensuring the legacy of your music lasts for generations to come. Join the community of collectors who trust us with their most cherished possessions.

      Protection Is Our Mission

      We make it easy to find everything you need to clean your records and keep them that way. Use our vinyl inner sleeves as a first line of defense, our popular outer sleeves as the second line of defense, and our 4-in-1 cleaning kit or Record Friend to battle any dirt or grime that manages to stick to your records during use.

      Our goal is to provide audiophiles with vinyl record care tools that go above and beyond, heightening the quality of your records with ease. Please contact us for questions about your order or any other questions you might have.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      Why is it important for vinyl record inner sleeves to be acid-free?

      Acid-free paper ensures longevity for your vinyl records. Regular paper can release acids over time, which might damage the vinyl surface, causing audio degradation. Acid-free vinyl inner sleeves preserve the record's quality and prevent unnecessary wear.

      How do round corners on inner vinyl record sleeves benefit users?

      Round corners on paper record sleeves make sliding vinyl in and out easier without causing damage or scratches. Sharp corners can catch on the record's edge or the outer sleeve, risking harm. Rounded designs minimize this risk, ensuring a smoother experience.

      Are all inner sleeves the same size, and do these sleeves fit different vinyl sizes?

      Most inner sleeves are designed for 12-inch records, commonly used for LPs. However, vinyl records come in various sizes, like 7-inch and 10-inch. Choosing the correct vinyl inner sleeve size ensures a snug fit and optimum protection for your specific vinyl size.

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