Vinyl Must-Haves for a Personalized Record Collection

Person in flannel placing a vinyl record onto a shelf

 So, you want to start a record collection. Fantastic! But don’t go out and start stacking records haphazardly. In fact, you should never stack records at all; the pressure damages them. You don’t need a ton of tools and equipment to get started. You mostly just need the right knowledge and a few vinyl record must-haves. Let’s walk you through the basics of how to store, display, and collect vinyl records for a personalized collection.

Display Them In (Safe) Style

If you want to display a record that means a lot to you and enjoy the album art as a decoration, make sure you do it correctly.

You can install some floating shelves, transparent wall mounts, or ledges. All of these options are good for displaying the records while still being able to pick them up and play them at any time. 

Framing personalized vinyl records is only a good idea if you don’t want to play them or the record is irreparably damaged. A frame doesn’t offer the same protection as sleeves.

Make sure the records are on their sides, not stacked. 

Wherever you’re storing them, make sure you have protective, purpose-made inner and outer sleeves to prevent dust from coming in. 

Make Sure You Have A Solid Cleaning Kit

We tell our customers to clean their records so much we sound like a broken record (ha, ha). But seriously: your records need to be cleaned at least once a year, so they stand the test of time and retain their sound quality. A purpose-made cleaning kit is a vinyl record must-have.

The Record Friend™ is a one-size-fits-all solution. Browse our vinyl cleaning section for more information.

Have Dedicated Record Shelves

Don’t let any other objects on your record shelves, lest someone move them around trying to get something or place something heavy on top of them, damaging it. Also, keeping your records in one place is a great way to keep them organized.

The popular IKEA KALLAX shelves — the versatile cube ones you see absolutely everywhere — are an easy option. They’re the perfect size for storing records on their sides, and boxes like our Record Cubes fit right in.

Assemble The Records that Mean the Most to You

Obviously, we can’t tell you what specific records to collect. You might hear some people online claim that if you don’t have a vinyl record of Dark Side of the Moon, you’re not a real collector. That’s just plain silly. 

Your vinyl records should be personalized to your tastes. If you want a reggae-only room, a retro jazz lounge, or an eclectic mix, that’s up to you. Don’t let anyone tell you what specific vinyl records are must-haves. 

Find Record Products Made By Record Lovers at Big Fudge

If you’d like to dive into the record collection community and get serious about vinyl record personalization, check out more articles at the Big Fudge blog. If you’re even a fraction as nuts about records as we are, you’ll fit in fine!