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      Complete Vinyl Cleaning Kit:

      Record Brush & Stylus Gel

      Keep your vinyl records and your record player in top form with this premium album-cleaning kit from Big Fudge Vinyl. The kit includes a record brush and stylus cleaning gel, so you can continue enjoying your favorite music with flawless performance.

      A Truly Static-Free Vinyl Cleaning Brush

      This kit includes a no-scratch, record-cleaning brush made with premium carbon fiber to eliminate static charges from your records. Less static means less dust and fewer unwanted particles, so you can get the maximum life from your records and enjoy better audio quality.

      The soft-bristled vinyl brush cleaner is gentle on vinyl, and it includes a protective cover to prevent dust accumulation. Just gently grip the ribbed handle and slide the brush along the surface of your record. It’s incredibly simple.

      A Stylus Gel to Ensure Flawless Performance

      In addition to the record brush, Big Fudge has also developed a one-of-a-kind cleaning gel for your record player needle that’s simple, gentle, and extremely effective. Just lower the tonearm into the gel to eliminate dust from your needle and improve the sound quality of your vinyl records. Our stylus gel is non-toxic and has been extensively tested to ensure total safety and maximum results.

      Big Fudge Is a Name You Can Trust

      Big Fudge is a worldwide leader in vinyl care, and this album-cleaning kit is one of our flagship solutions. It was designed by collectors for collectors, and like all of our record care and storage products, is backed by our lifetime money-back guarantee. If, for any reason, the record brush or gel doesn’t perform as advertised, let us know, and we’ll refund your money—no questions asked!

      If you’re looking for even more cleaning solutions, be sure to also check out our professional record cleaning kit. Order your vinyl care kit today, and make your favorite music sound even better!

      Frequently Asked Questions

      How do I use the record brush included in this kit?

      Using the record cleaning brush is straightforward and user-friendly. This high-quality brush features soft bristles and a ribbed handle for easy grip. To clean your vinyl records, gently grip the handle and slide the brush along the surface of the record in the direction of the grooves. The bristles effectively capture and remove dust and particles, helping to preserve the audio quality and overall condition of your vinyl.

      What makes the vinyl brush cleaner static-free, and why is that important?

      The cleaning brush included in this kit is designed with premium carbon fiber bristles. This choice of material helps eliminate static charges from your vinyl records as you clean them. Static-free cleaning is crucial because it reduces the attraction of dust and particles to your records. By minimizing static, you can enjoy cleaner, more pristine sound and extend the lifespan of your vinyl collection.

      How do I use the stylus gel to clean my record player needle?

      Cleaning your record player needle with the included stylus gel is a simple yet effective process, just like with our record brush. To use the gel, lower your turntable's tonearm gently into the gel. As you do so, the gel will adhere to the needle, removing any dust or debris. This process cleans the stylus and contributes to enhanced sound quality during playback.

      Is the stylus gel safe to use on my record player needle?

      Yes, it's completely safe. It's a non-toxic cleaning solution that has undergone extensive testing to ensure its safety and effectiveness. You can use it with confidence, knowing that it won't harm your valuable equipment.

      What sets Big Fudge apart as a trusted name in vinyl care?

      Big Fudge is recognized as a leader in vinyl care products. Our album-cleaning kit, like all our offerings, is designed by dedicated vinyl collectors for fellow enthusiasts. We're so confident in the quality of our products that we back them with a lifetime money-back guarantee. If, for any reason, the record brush or gel doesn't meet your expectations, you can return them without any hassle.

      Can I return the vinyl brush cleaner or gel if they don't meet my expectations?

      Absolutely! We stand behind the performance and quality of our products. If, for any reason, you're not completely satisfied with the record cleaning brush or gel, we offer a no-questions-asked money-back guarantee. Your satisfaction is our utmost priority, and we want to ensure you have a positive experience with our vinyl care kit.