Stylus Cleaner Brush


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      … That is if you take good care of it! And Big Fudge is the leading brand in the protection, storage, and display of vinyl records and supplies, like our proven stylus brush.

      • SAVE $$ BY INCREASING THE LONGEVITY OF YOUR STYLUS: While stylus wear and the need to replace your stylus over time is inevitable, you can prolong the life of your stylus by keeping it clean.
      • MAINTAIN HIGH QUALITY SOUND: Cleaning your vinyl before every spin is one thing, but you can protect your records from needless degradation by keeping your setup in top shape.
      • TRIED AND TRUE: Using a stylus brush like the Big Fudge is the recommended cleaning method by all cartridge manufacturers. Simply hold the tone arm steady and move the brush across the stylus a few times in the same direction that a record spins.
      • DON'T USE LIQUIDS: According to Ortofon, "using liquid cleaners can dissolve glue that binds the stylus to the cantilever... interior parts of the cartridge can be affected seriously by the intrusion of solvents."
      • LIFETIME MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: With Big Fudge, you're on the safe side. We stand behind our products, and if you're not 100% satisfied, contact us for a full refund. No questions asked.
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