Blank Album Jackets, Black or White, 20x 12 Inch or 7 Inch LP Vinyl Covers


Matte Black
Glossy White

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      Vinyl Is Forever

      … That is if you take good care of it! Big Fudge is the leading brand in the protection, storage, and display of vinyl records – like this set of 20 Glossy Black and White Album Covers!

      It’s Time to Replace Those Sad Old Vinyl Jackets

      You, and those who came before you, loved those albums so HARD the jackets are now tattered. So replace them with blank album covers that let you spend less time with the sticky tape and more time listening to perfectly protected tunes. Unlike other jackets with thin spines that bunch up your sleeves, these jackets let you write ON the spine and keep the sleeves smooth and flat.

      • 20 Blank Jackets for 7” Vinyl
      • 350gsm Thick Glossy White Cardboard – Acid-Free
      • Compatible With Standard 7” Inner and Outer Sleeves
      • 3.5mm Spine To Label Your Albums with Thin Chalk Marke
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      vinyl record album sticker

      a stack of blank album covers

      song list on vinyl record jacket

      Fits Your Favorite Sleeves

      Our Black and White Album Covers fit 7” albums like a hug from Tony Bennet. Some jackets make inner sleeves bunch up, but Big Fudge covers let plastic or paper sleeves slide in like a dream and then fit snugly to prevent them from falling out.

      Add Your Artwork

      Thin spines are annoying. But our jackets have a 3.5 mm thick spine, so you can label it. The front lets you glue or sticker art and then slide it into your outer sleeve. Use thin chalk markers that require a solvent to remove.

      20x Sexy White Jackets

      Your order includes 20 vinyl covers. Acid-free, 350 gsm glossy white cardboard jackets with the same quality you expect from Big Fudge. These will fit all your vinyl, even 180g pressings.

      They’ve Had a Hard Life

      You’ve dragged them around town, listened to them a million times, or found them already pre-loved and worn-out; now give them a new start at life with our Black and White Album Covers from Big Fudge – the brand that thousands of vinyl fans love and trust.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      What are the sizes available for these album jackets?

      The Blank Album Covers are meticulously crafted in two distinct sizes to cater to diverse vinyl needs. They come in a standard 20x 12-inch for regular-sized LPs and a compact 7-inch size dedicated to singles or EPs. Make sure to select the right size according to your vinyl collection for optimal protection.

      Are these jackets appropriate for colored vinyl as well?

      Absolutely! These blank Black and White Album Cover Jackets are designed to offer unparalleled protection irrespective of the vinyl's hue. Whether your collection comprises black, white, or vibrant-colored vinyl records, these jackets stand out as an excellent choice, ensuring your records remain in pristine condition.

      How durable are these jackets, given their cardboard construction?

      These aren't your ordinary cardboard jackets. Made from a resilient 350gsm thick glossy white cardboard, these jackets promise durability and strength. Additionally, their acid-free nature ensures that your cherished vinyl records remain safe from potential damage, making them last for years to come.

      Can I customize the front of the jacket with my artwork?

      Absolutely! The vinyl jacket's front is purposefully designed for vinyl enthusiasts to showcase their creativity. Feel free to glue or use stickers on our Black and White Album Covers to embed your personalized artwork. Once adorned, you can smoothly slide it into the outer sleeve, creating a unique visual appeal for each record.

      Is the chalk marker labeling on the spine permanent?

      The chalk marker labeling offers a blend of permanence and flexibility. While it's sturdy enough to withstand general wear and tear, it isn't completely permanent. If you wish to change or erase the label, a solvent can effortlessly do the job, allowing for easy modifications.

      Why should one choose Big Fudge album jackets over other market alternatives?

      Big Fudge has carved a niche in vinyl protection and storage. Our album jackets, including our popular Black and White Album Covers, made from high-quality, acid-free materials, are tailored for a snug fit for all vinyl types, even the hefty 180g pressings. The compatibility with standard sleeves and the trust of countless vinyl aficionados set our jackets above the rest.