Blank Album Jackets, Black or White, 20x 12 Inch or 7 Inch LP Vinyl Covers


Matte Black
Glossy White
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      … That is if you take good care of it! And Big Fudge is the leading brand in the protection, storage, and display of vinyl records – like, This Set of 20 Glossy White Album Jackets!

      It’s Time To Replace Those Sad Old Jackets

      You, and those who came before you loved those albums so HARD the jackets are now tattered. So replace them with blank album covers that let you spend less time with the sticky tape, and more time listening to perfectly protected tunes. And unlike other jackets with thin spines that bunch up your sleeves, these jackets let you write ON the spine and keep the sleeves smooth and flat.

      · 20 Blank Jackets for 7” Vinyl

      · 350gsm Thick Glossy White Cardboard – Acid-Free

      · Compatible With Standard 7” Inner and Outer Sleeves

      · 3.5mm Spine To Label Your Albums with Thin Chalk Marker




      Blank Album Jackets

      Fits Your Favorite Sleeves.

      Our jackets fit 7” albums like a hug from Tony Bennet. Some jackets make inner sleeves bunch up, but Big Fudge covers let plastic or paper sleeves slide in like a dream, and then fit snug to prevent them falling out.

      Add Your Artwork!

      Thin spines are annoying. But our jackets have a 3.5 mm thick spine so you can label it. The front lets you glue or sticker art then slide into your outer sleeve. Use thin chalk markers that require a solvent to remove

      20x Sexy white Jackets

      Your order includes 20 vinyl covers. Acid Free, 350 gsm glossy white cardboard jackets with the same quality you expect from Big Fudge. These will fit all your vinyl, even 180g pressings.

      They’ve Had A Hard Life…

      You’ve dragged them around town, listened to them a million times or found them already pre-loved, and worn-out; now give them a new start at life with Big Fudge – the brand that thousands of vinyl fans love and trust.