Black Special Edition Inner Sleeves | Made from Heavyweight & Acid Free Paper



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      Protect Your Record Collection in Style with Black Record Sleeves

      As record aficionados ourselves, Big Fudge knows how crucial record collection maintenance is in order to preserve your vinyl’s quality and longevity. When you love a record dearly, it's only natural that with enough rotations, the cover and sleeves will begin to fold and flap obnoxiously. Add a stylish flair to your records with our new black inner sleeves. These have a sleek and stylish design while preserving your favorite music at the same time.

      Contemporary Storage Solutions for Your Classic Albums

      Big Fudge provides unrivaled protection for your record collection. Enjoy the matte black design with thick protection from daily wear and tear. Protecting and collecting your records is simple, with black record sleeves that are made to help you enjoy your records for decades.

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      Frequently Asked Questions

      How should I store my records in these sleeves to ensure maximum protection?

      For optimal protection, store your records vertically in these black record sleeves to avoid warping and pressure on the discs. Ensure they’re placed in a cool, dry environment away from direct sunlight, as this can prevent any potential damage or degradation of the vinyl and the sleeve itself.

      Can these inner sleeves cause static issues with vinyl records?

      No, these sleeves are made from heavyweight, acid-free paper that is engineered to reduce static build-up. This ensures that your records stay clean and free from static electricity, which can attract dust and lead to unnecessary wear during playback.

      Are the Black Special Edition Record Sleeves suitable for autographed records?

      Absolutely, the acid-free material of the black inner sleeves ensures that autographs or any other ink on the record covers will not fade or smudge over time. This makes them ideal for preserving signed albums and maintaining their value and appearance.

      How do these sleeves compare to plastic inner sleeves in terms of protection?

      The heavyweight, acid-free paper offers superior protection against dust, dirt, and scratches compared to standard plastic sleeves. While plastic sleeves may offer good protection, they can sometimes lead to static issues or chemical reactions that affect the vinyl, which isn’t a concern with these paper sleeves.

      Can the Black Special Edition Inner Sleeves be used for colored vinyl and picture discs?

      Yes, these black record sleeves are safe for all types of vinyl, including colored and picture discs. The acid-free, heavyweight paper ensures that no chemical reactions occur that could damage the special coatings or colors of these unique records, keeping them pristine over time.