Vinyl Record Sleeves Bundle - 50x Record Outer Sleeves PLUS 50x Record Inner Sleeves - Crystal Clear Album Sleeves and Rounded Acid-Free LP Sleeves for 12" Records



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      Whether we’re talking cleaning or storage, it’s important to maintain your vinyl collection in unmarred, scratch-free condition. But running around stocking up on supplies is time-consuming and takes you away from what you would rather be doing: listening to tunes. That’s why we are excited to offer our vinyl album sleeves and inner LP sleeves in a single package. Keep your vinyl in mint condition at a reasonable price.

      Get 50 Crystal-Clear Outer Sleeves: Show Off Your Album Art

      Our vinyl record outer sleeves fit all 12” albums, including most double albums and gatefolds, with less excess than other vinyl sleeves, which allows just enough room to breathe. We use 3mil, crystal-clear polypropylene so that the album artwork is easy to see and the albums don’t stick together.

      Get 50 Acid-Free Inner Sleeves: Protect Your Vinyl

      The custom rounded corners on our inner LP sleeves allow you to slide them into and out of even the most loved covers with ease, while the specially placed external seams allow you to slide vinyl in and out without snagging.

      Our LP Sleeves Are Custom Fit 

      All of our vinyl outer cover sleeves are 12.75” square, while the inner LP record sleeves are an exact 12”. Protect your vinyl collection regardless of the climate conditions in the room in which they are stored.

      Satisfaction Guaranteed 

      These outer and inner sleeves for vinyl LP records have been custom-designed expressly for record collectors. Pair these with your Record Friend™ to complete your vinyl maintenance kit. Shop our collection of vinyl record supplies to extend and enhance the life of your music today. Get insider tips on record collecting, protecting, and organizing your media collection, as well as specialized record care advice, on our blog.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      How durable are the vinyl record sleeves?

      Our LP record sleeves are extremely durable. Made from high-quality materials, the outer sleeves are 3mil thick, offering robust protection against dust, scratches, and moisture. The inner sleeves, being acid-free, ensure long-term protection of the vinyl surface, preventing any chemical damage over time.

      Can these sleeves accommodate colored or picture vinyl records?

      Absolutely! Our sleeves are designed to fit all 12" records, including colored and picture vinyl. The crystal-clear outer sleeves enhance the visibility of unique record designs, making them perfect for displaying your special edition and artistic vinyl without compromising protection.

      Are these LP sleeves easy to handle for frequent use?

      Yes, these LP record sleeves are designed for ease of use. The outer sleeves allow smooth sliding of records, and the inner sleeves' rounded corners and external seams make inserting and removing records a hassle-free experience, ideal for frequent listeners and DJs.

      Is the material eco-friendly and recyclable?

      We're committed to sustainability. The polypropylene used in our outer sleeves is an eco-friendly material. Both the outer and inner sleeves are recyclable, aligning with our efforts to minimize environmental impact while providing top-quality record protection.

      How do these sleeves protect against static build-up?

      Our inner sleeves are specifically designed to combat static build-up, a common issue with vinyl records. The acid-free material reduces static electricity, ensuring your records stay clean and sound quality remains pristine during playback and storage.

      Can these sleeves be used for archival storage?

      Yes, our LP sleeves are ideal for archival storage. The combination of crystal-clear, durable outer sleeves and acid-free, anti-static inner sleeves provides the optimal environment for long-term storage, preserving both the cover art and vinyl records in archival-quality conditions. Additionally, their consistent dimensions and material stability ensure that they maintain their protective qualities over many years, even under varying environmental conditions.