What Makes the Best Sounding Vinyl Albums Great

record player and sleeve

Whether you’re an audiophile or a brand new collector, you understand the hypnotic draw of vinyl records. Many vinyl collectors find CDs, streaming music, and other digital media to be sterile and lacking soul. It’s music that’s been broken down into a string of 1s and 0s.

Contrast that with vinyl. There’s just something about listening to a classic vinyl album that can cast you under its spell (and many recording artists agree!). The warm tones and the slight hisses, cracks, and pops all combine together to create music—a better kind of music—to most people’s ears. 

Here at Big Fudge, one of the questions we often hear from our customers is about what specific qualities make the best sounding vinyl records sound so amazing. Our team members love great vinyl records as much as you do, so we asked them to give some of their thoughts. Here’s what they said...

The Best Sounding Vinyl Records Have a Sound You Enjoy

One of the best things about collecting vinyl is that beauty really is in the eye (or the ears!) of the beholder. Just because the masses love a certain album, group, or performer doesn’t mean that you have to enjoy them too. You can love either Led Zeppelin, Sonny and Cher, or the New York Philharmonic. Or you can love all of them. Or you can love none of them! That’s the beauty of collecting vinyl and building your own personal record collection.

It may sound corny, but great vinyl records transport you to a different time and place. They have the power to take you back to your first date, a summer vacation, or your freshman year at college. Here at Big Fudge, we never want to lose sight of the passion and raw personal emotions behind great vinyl and great music.

The Best Sounding Vinyl Records Utilize a Great Setup

When you think about what makes vinyl albums sound great, don’t lose sight that an album is only as good as your setup. Buying a beat up all-in-one system at your local antique store as your first record player may seem like a great buy, but it can make a great sounding album fall totally flat.

As you’re thinking about your vinyl, take some time to invest in your record player. We’re not talking about spending an arm and a leg. After all, the best setups aren’t necessarily the most expensive. But show your system some love, and it will return that love to your albums.

The Best Sounding Vinyl Records Are Free From Scratches

turntable and needle

Let’s take a moment and talk about the vinyl albums themselves. Great vinyl records all have this in common: they’re largely free from scratches that affect the overall sound quality of the album. 

Why are scratched albums a problem? The issue goes far deeper than simply a reduction in sound quality. Over time, dirt can collect in these deep grooves, making your playback quality even worse. Eventually, deep scratches can damage your stylus, causing you to make a costly (and preventable) repair to your record player.

Your best bet? Invest in vinyl protection to keep your albums sounding their best. By utilizing products like outer sleeves, inner sleeves, or vinyl jackets you can keep your albums at the most pristine quality. 

The Best Sounding Vinyl Records Are Kept Clean

Life happens! Over time, even the most loved for and cared for vinyl records will get a bit dirty. Although the hisses, pops, and crackles you hear with vinyl are part of the charm of the medium, sometimes an abundance of these sounds during playback is a sign that your record is dirty and needs a good clean.

Although there are some home remedies you can find to clean your vinyl, we’ve found that there are two methods that you utilize to keep your records clean for a relatively small cost.

  • Use a dry cleaning brush: Think of it as a lint roller, but instead of cleaning your pants, you’re cleaning your album! Our Record Pal vinyl cleaning roller uses a non-adhesive gel to clean your records without leaving any residue behind. 
  • Use a wet cleaning system: Sometimes dirt or fingerprints need a more intensive solution, and our all-in-one  vinyl cleaning kit fits the bill. By using the included tools like our alcohol-free cleaning solution and the gentle anti-static velvet brush, you can get a scratch-free clean in no time flat.

If you’re looking for the best ways to protect your best sounding vinyl records, look no further than Big Fudge. We specialize in selling premium vinyl protection products at reasonable prices. We’re a team of vinyl enthusiasts that have the experience and know-how to help you keep your vinyl collection looking its dead level best. We’re always ready to answer your questions, so get in touch with us today so we can help!