Premium Master Sleeves - 3-ply HDPE, Rice Paper Backing, Archival Quality



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      Premium Inner Record Sleeves - Master Sleeves for 7" and 12" Records

      We think protecting your vinyl records with the highest-quality sleeves results in the best sound. Our premium master record sleeves help you avoid scuffing, static, and hairline scratches on your records.

      For the first time ever, Big Fudge has made master sleeves for 7" records. Enjoy the same level of protection you've come to expect for your LPs, and now for your singles as well!

      Premium 3-ply polyethylene record inner sleeves add an extra line of defense and quality to your collection, preserving great music for decades to come by repelling dust for “long play” protection.

      Why Add a Rice Paper Layer?

      These archival record sleeves are made from high-density polyethylene (HDPE) with a rice paper backing. The rice paper layer is sandwiched between two sheets of HDPE with a translucent HDPE front. You’ll find many records in their premium master sleeve, still in perfect condition decades later. This construction has other benefits, too:

      • No risk of paper scuffs
      • Reduction in static
      • Lower risk of sticking to vinyl over time

      True collectors know that the quality and reliability of master sleeves aren’t easy to find in your typical paper sleeve cover. Our clear vinyl record inner sleeves provide easy viewing of each record you pull. Premium anti-static record sleeves contain a transparent side for easy viewing of your complete album.

      Protect Your Collection

      Investing in your collection long-term means considering how to store it effectively. Big Fudge offers quality record sleeves and vinyl maintenance tools that stand the test of time. Read reviews at Big Fudge and see why other collectors choose our premium master record sleeves. Protect your 7” and 12” record collection with our premium master record inner sleeves. Buy now.