How to Safely Pack Vinyl Records for Moving

Man preparing vinyl record collection for moving

Moving is always exciting, but there’s a lot you’re probably thinking about. If you’re a record lover, you’re probably wondering how to pack vinyl records for moving without anything getting damaged, warped, or lost. You’re in luck! Read on for our complete guide on the best ways to pack vinyl records.

How to Pack Vinyl Records When You’re Moving

To pack your vinyl records for moving, you’ll need to consider some basic priorities:

  • Organize your records.
  • Use high-quality record sleeves.
  • Use the right boxes.
  • Pad your vinyl records.
  • Keep them cool.
  • Consider getting your collection insured.

Organize Your Records

If you’re like us, you’ve probably already organized your record collection. No matter how extensive your collection is, you’ll definitely thank yourself later for taking the time to catalog your records. You can go by artist or genre, or whatever record organizing technique helps you best.

When it comes to cataloging, you can use online discographic databases like MusicBuddy or Discogs so you don’t have to write everything down.

Use the Right Boxes

Speaking of organizing, you can’t do much without the best record storage boxes. To pack your vinyl records for moving, we’ve designed versatile, self-assembling boxes with built-in handles. Our boxes measure 33.5” W x 33.5” T x 35” L and can easily fit 70 records each.

Remember to Label Your Boxes

This will be a pretty essential part of organizing your records. Remember to label all of the boxes containing your records. Keep in mind your organizational techniques, either by genre or alphabetized by artist name. This will help you when you’re unpacking once you get to your new home.

Record collection shown with headphones

Use the Right Record Sleeves

When you’re packing vinyl records for moving, using sturdy, high-quality record sleeves will also help you keep your collection in mint condition. This is especially helpful if you have some older LPs with original sleeves that may be a bit too worn to stand their own against the movement of a truck or an airplane cargo hold during turbulence.

At Big Fudge, we think the best way to pack vinyl records starts with having the best boxes and sleeves. We recommend using outer sleeves made of high-density polypropylene, an anti-wrinkle material. Consider inner sleeves made with alkaline and acid-free paper.

Padding Your Vinyl Records

Padding your records will be a key component of packing your vinyl records for moving. Like we said, moving anything fragile is always a test of wills and preparation against a constantly-jolting truck on a highway or an airplane going through some rough turbulence.

Luckily, some bubble wrap, styrofoam, or packing peanuts will help you out here. You could opt for the foam sleeves for packing dishware to slide in between the records and the box’s sides. You can easily pick up entire sheets of bubble wrap or packing foam at any home improvement store. When you’re packing your collection, pad the boxes generously, especially if they’ll be stacked aside or on top of one another. And be sure to pack them closer to the tops of larger crates or boxes, clearly marked “this side up.”

Keep Your Records Cool

Keeping your records cool is up there in terms of the best ways to pack and move your vinyl collection. We talk about that extensively throughout our blog since it’s the most fool-proof way to keep your records sounding great for decades to come.

You won’t have to do much here. If it’ll be in an airplane cargo hold, you’re pretty much assured your collection will be kept at about 41 degrees to 60 degrees Fahrenheit.

But if they’ll be going cross-country on a truck, consider going with a mover who will use an air-conditioned cargo unit. If possible, move with your vinyl collection in a truck cabin so that it stays in air conditioning for as long as possible.

Consider Record Insurance

If you have an extensive collection, or one with particularly old and/or mint condition records, it’s likely that you’re sitting on an audible goldmine. As you’d want to insure precious jewelry, an automobile, your home or apartment, insuring a valuable record collection would be no different, especially since you’re putting your entire collection at risk any time you pack your vinyl records for moving. If you’re moving with your record collection, most insurers may have contingencies for appraising and protecting valuables like this, and you may be able to get additional coverage through your moving company.

Vinyl Record Packing, Storage, and Cleaning Tips

At Big Fudge, we’re all about helping record lovers keeping their favorite LPs and releases sounding great. Read our blog for the best record cleaning tips, storage ideas, and remember to pick up our easy-to-use record cleaner kits and record storage solutions.