Do’s and Don'ts for Vinyl Record Care & Collecting

You and your guests deserve unparalleled sound and energy while relaxing at home. Enjoy the best sound in the house with a flawless vinyl record collection ready for the world to hear. Big Fudge shares top tips to help you keep your sound crisp and clear. Learn how to care for vinyl records the right way.

Do: Display Your Collection Carefully

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Your collection is best appreciated when on display for all to see. Storage matters. Use album rails if you have a lot of space, and let your guests select their favorites on view. Hang records using museum-quality display cases, or keep them on an array of shelves.

Here are some of our expert tips for keeping your collection organized while on display.

  • Use sleeves that protect records between plays
  • Label records on bookshelves alphabetically for easy access
  • Use storage cubes or crates to keep things looking organized

Displaying records while minimizing the risk of damage and preserving sound quality is your top priority. Learn how to properly care for vinyl records and enjoy the party!

Don’t: Store Records Carelessly

Storage of your prized collection should be accessible and neat. It’s no fun trying to play a track that you have to pry out from a jammed shelf. Much like a library, your record organization should make use of space while also allowing ease of access.

Here’s how not to care for vinyl records:

  • Storage shelves that are jam-packed
  • Keeping your vinyl in damp conditions or unsafe locations
  • Carelessly putting your records in drawers or boxes for long periods of time

Your records should be kept clean and tidy while remaining easily accessible. Come up with a plan and minimize the risk of damage.

Do: Keep a Cleaning Kit on Hand

To maintain your collection and its sound, careful collectors clean regularly and have a simple cleaning kit on hand to keep things looking and sounding their best. Here are some expert tips for cleaning your collection.

  • Pay attention to the removal of dust, fingerprints and any signs of wear
  • Use a stylus brush to take care of the finer details
  • Keep a simple, long-lasting cleaning fluid on hand

You’ll prolong the life of your records by years simply by learning how to care for vinyl records and performing basic maintenance of your collection.

Don’t: Rush the Job

It can seem extraordinarily tedious cleaning your entire collection by hand. Even if you have time to spare, proper cleaning takes time. If you rush the job, you risk damaging your investment and sound quality. If you really need to get the job done fast, a quick roll with our Record Pal should do the trick.

Do: Preserve Artwork

A huge part of collecting records is in the art - of the cover, of course. For the most prized items in your collection, you’ll want to keep the following in mind.

  • Consider investing in a high-quality frame as a method of preserving the art
  • Invest in larger amounts of quality outer sleeves that protect the art on your record cover for years to come
  • For particularly valuable editions, consult a professional for advice on maintaining the integrity of your records

Keep your records looking spectacular!

Don’t: Neglect Your Research

You may be sitting on a rare edition in your collection without even knowing it. Find a way to organize or itemize your collection so that others know the value of your collection. Many collectors have allowed their records to collect dust in the basement while actually sitting on a rare edition that nobody knew about. Learning how to properly care for vinyl records is an art that requires patience and time.

Preserve Your Pristine Collection With Big Fudge

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Appreciate your existing collection by learning how to care for vinyl records. For more tips on expanding your collection and taking care of it, consult Big Fudge online.