Enjoy Smoother Sound & a Longer Life for Your Vinyl

Your record collection is priceless because it’s a reflection of you. With a little regular vinyl record maintenance, you can extend the life of your LP collection.

Big Fudge products are designed by record collectors, for record collectors. We focus on high quality and ease of use so that meticulous care takes almost no time at all. Store and clean your records well so that you can keep soundtracking your life with the skip-free collection of your design.

The Best Stuff For Cleaning And Preservation

We focus on vinyl record maintenance essentials and we do them right. Our popular outer sleeves, made from high-density polypropylene, are clear-as-day and stay that way. Our well-reviewed Record Friend record cleaner system cleans up to 50 records in one go, restoring them to pristine condition. Our other products include a 4-in-1 manual cleaning kit, inner sleeves, and all the cleaner fluid refills you need.

Give Your Records The Care They Deserve

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