How to Display (and Show Off) Your Vinyl Collection

How to Display (and Show Off) Your Vinyl Collection

Storage bins are practical containers for storing records, but they have one significant drawback: no one can see all of the vinyl records that you’ve spent years collecting! It’s time to show off what you’ve got, and there is no better way to do that than by incorporating chic but functional vinyl displays into your space.

There are lots of ways to let everyone know you have great taste in music the second they walk into your home. You can display funky vinyl on your walls, repurpose interesting furniture to serve as record stands, or put up shelves or record holder stands to mix things up. Proudly displaying your vinyl collection not only looks great but can also serve as a fun conversation starter for new guests. The best part is you can mix and match at any time depending on whatever music mood you’re in.

Hanging on Walls

Turn the walls of your home into an art gallery by hanging up your favorite vinyl. Choose eye-catching album covers to curate a space that reflects your music taste or whatever mood you want to project into the room.

You can achieve this look on a budget by following along with one of the many DIY online tutorials, but we understand if you’re not the crafty type. There are lots of other affordable ways to display vinyl as well, like balancing them on picture ledges that you can get from your local hardware store. If you’re looking for something a little fancier, then you can find plenty of options from online sellers to fit your needs. One of our favorites is CLRCASE® by the Art of Records.

Framing your vinyl records is also an option -- and it certainly looks great -- but there is a downside. Once the records are in the glass frames, it can be a pain to get them out again. So unless you’re planning to display vinyl albums that you never want to play, you should consider the alternatives.

Repurpose Furniture

Repurpose Furnitures

Head into almost any thrift store and you are guaranteed to find a few salvageable pieces of furniture. Great options to consider for vinyl record displays are old bookshelves, ladders, or even credenzas that you can take the doors off of for a more open look.

Consider stacking old wooden crates on their sides to store records so they’re open but also easily accessible and visible. Truthfully, anything can be turned into a cool piece of vinyl display if you try hard enough. As long as you’re open to getting creative with it, the world is your oyster.

Shelves and Record Holder Stands

Turn the focus of any room onto your awesome record collection by building shelves to display them all. This is another one of those things that can either be a DIY project or something simple you can purchase online. It’s totally up to you.

Either way, floating shelves are very in right now, and they serve a practical purpose as well since you’re ensured easy access to all of your favorite albums. No more digging around boxes to find what you’re looking for. Shelves allow you to curate pre-picked tunes beforehand so you’re always ready for what’s next.

Record holder stands are a must for any vinyl lover looking for an easy way to showcase their album artwork. Consider buying a trio of them to display your top three favorite albums as part of your collection’s decor, too!

Safety First

Every audiophile’s top priority is going to be protection. We know that you’ll want to make sure that if your records are out of their dark (but safe) storage boxes, they won’t get damaged. That’s why all of the tips above are some of the safest options out there. As long as you don’t try to display your vinyl on the wall with a nail and hammer, we can guarantee they won’t get ruined.

Display Your Vinyl Collection Today

You worked hard to track down all your favorite albums on vinyl, so why not celebrate that in your home? Showing off your records will not only look cool, but will also spark interesting conversations among guests. Get started today by deciding on how you’d like to showcase your records.