12-inch Vinyl Record Gatefold Sleeves 25pcs/Pack



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      Gatefold Record Sleeves

      Enjoy True Gatefold Protection Without Restriction

      Make sure your collection of prized gatefold albums is set up for long-term enjoyment with gatefold record sleeves. These archival-quality and acid-free vinyl gatefold sleeves protect your records with the same level of quality as our traditional and premium record sleeves but have been designed to store your gatefolds. Designed for ease of use in accessing your albums, there is no need to get caught up in the packaging. Stop fumbling around with other outer sleeves and go full gatefold! You’ll enjoy a sleek and streamlined design with crystal-clear covers, keeping your collection looking stunning for years to come. Album artwork shines through with zero frosting.

      Preserve Your Collectible Albums with Big Fudge

      Gatefold records are known to have some of the most appreciated artwork with their additional space. We want you to be able to keep this artwork intact and display these favorites with pride. Big Fudge’s gatefold record sleeves are sized with care and designed with record display in mind with non-crimping materials and 3mil of crystal clear polyethylene that keeps your gatefold records’ artwork popping and the records looking brand new. As record collectors with the goal of helping other record collectors, we trust that these gatefold record sleeves will be just the thing to take your gatefold records to the next level and keep them pristine.

      Product Information:

      • 25.5” unfolded, with 2 pockets 12.75in square
      • 25 Crystal Clear Outer Sleeves
      • Fits all standard and oversized 12” gatefold albums

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