Tip of the Month: How to Take Care of Your Vinyl Music Memorabilia

Music memorabilia collector holding Queen’s News of the World

Music memorabilia collectors can spend months searching for elusive signed memorabilia of their favorite album, but it’s what they do after that proves their dedication. There’s more to owning vinyl records than knowing how to use a turntable. Consistent maintenance is a must for a quality record collection.

Big Fudge is here to clear the air and give you essential tips for improving the longevity of your vinyl music memorabilia. Learn how to enjoy your favorite tunes for years to come!

Keep Them Spotless

Music memorabilia collectors will tell you that vinyl records sound better than any other format of recorded music. Digital formats are more compressed and can lose their depth and quality, giving vinyl the upper hand for better music experience.

Audiophiles can keep their collection sounding its best by regularly cleaning their vinyl collection. Dust and smudges interfere with the tracks and breaks of the LP, distorting the sound. Carefully wiping down your records with an anti-static brush reduces the amount of dust on the surface. Spray away fingerprints with an alcohol-free record cleaner and rinse gently before drying completely.

cleaning liquid stylus brush and travel pouch

Keep Them Dry

The last thing any music memorabilia collector wants is water on paper album covers. Keep your signed album memorabilia dry between cleanings. Spraying the cleaner conservatively is the first thing you can do, but keeping out moisture is another. Liquid ruins the adhesive on the record label and warps the LP itself.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve invested thousands in rare vinyl music or are just a casual collector of obscure titles: you own vinyl records because you’re a music lover. Provide an extra level of defense by using premium inner and outer sleeves.

Inner sleeves should be made out of acid-free materials. Rice paper is a great anti-static, non-abrasive option for vinyl music memorabilia collectors. Inner sleeves reduce the amount of dust and contribute to the overall quality of your collection. Outer sleeves made of high-density polypropylene are water-resistant and will keep your entire album safe and dry. If you live somewhere with high humidity, outer sleeves are a lifesaver.

Keep Them Safe

Minimalist bookcase with turntable and vinyl music collection

Vinyl record collectors should secure LPs in an upright storage unit once they’re safe and sound inside their sleeves. Proper storage can extend the listening life and maintain the value of your favorite signed music memorabilia.

There are countless options for a music memorabilia collector looking to safely display and store their tunes. Some of Big Fudge’s favorite ways to show off your wares without damaging them involve hanging albums in photo frames, creating a mosaic, placing them in a vinyl rack, storing them on a shelf, or investing in a record console.

All five have their pros and cons based on the size of the collection and space available: photo frames, mosaics, and record consoles aren’t effective for small spaces but provide the most visibility for your collection. Shelves store your albums like books and don’t require as much room. The downside is this method hides the album art.

Most serious music memorabilia collectors opt for a record console to keep their turntables, albums, and maintenance supplies all in one convenient place. Record consoles transform a corner of the room into a central hub for your hobby.

Stackable record cubes are another perfect storage method for music memorabilia collectors with an extensive library of signed music memorabilia. Flip through your vinyl collection with ease. Check out Big Fudge’s favorite organization tips and customize your collection!

Keep It Simple

Big Fudge is a company run by music enthusiasts who understand the value and love that goes into collecting music memorabilia. Big Fudge offers vinyl cleaning options such as the 4-In-1 Cleaning Kit and Record Friend for ambitious collectors. Inner and outer sleeves are available for 7” and 12” LPs and are sold in packs of 50 or 100 sleeves. Record cubes come in stacks of 5 and hold up to 350 records. Not only that, but check Big Fudge’s blog for helpful tips, tricks, and news!

Don’t take a chance when your favorite tunes are at stake. Big Fudge is the one-stop-shop for record maintenance tools and refills. Keep it simple. Check out Big Fudge and protect your prized vinyl memorabilia starting today!