The Four Best Vinyl Record Enthusiast Gifts

Whether you’re doing your holiday shopping or thinking of the perfect birthday gift for someone who loves collecting records, there are always ways to help them upgrade their record collection. But where should you start? Let’s take a look at some of the best and most essential vinyl collector gifts any audiophile will appreciate.

The Best Gifts for Vinyl Lovers

People who collect vinyl records tend to appreciate anything that enhances their listening experience, whether that involves getting them a great record player, a sound system, or cleaning and storage that helps keep their records in mint condition. Here are a few essential vinyl record gifts they’ll appreciate.

Cleaning Supplies

Cleaning Kit - Complete, 4-in-1 cleaning solution for your records, $21.95
Record Friend - Vinyl Record Cleaner, $61.95

The right cleaning supplies are essential to keeping records, especially vintage vinyl records, sounding great for years to come. That makes them some of the best gifts for vinyl lovers. If they’ve been collecting for years, they likely know how to clean vinyl records, but they’ll appreciate a great record cleaning kit that includes:

  • Alcohol-free cleaning spray
  • An antistatic velvet brush
  • A stylus brush for cleaning a turntable needle

To help collectors who want to clean a lot of records pretty quickly, consider getting them a Record Friend™ automatic cleaner that can clean up to 30-50 records at once and dry 10 at a time using the drying rack.

Record Storage & Displays

Record Cube - Vinyl Record Storage - Set of 5 Boxes, $53.90
Outer Sleeves - 3 mil HDPP, Crystal Clear, Wrinkle-Free, $14.95
Inner Sleeves - Heavyweight, Acid-Free Paper, Round Corners, $14.50

Anyone who has a growing collection will definitely appreciate more storage! Ideally, you’ll want to get them boxes or shelves that allow records to stay up right when they’re not being played. This will help prevent warping and keep records organized.

Consider giving them great, functional vinyl record storage as a gift in the form of five boxes that measure 33.5” W x 33.5” T x 35” L. They even come with blank labels for easy organization.

If you know a collector with a huge cache of vintage vinyl records, they likely have quite a few releases and favorites with pretty worn-out sleeves. That’s why replacement inner and outer sleeves make the perfect vinyl collector gifts.

outer vinyl sleeve package

A New Record Player

Audio-Technica AT-LP120-USB USB and Analog Professional Silver Turntable, $229 from Amazon

If your audiophile buddies could use a good record player, consider some great, entry-level turntables. There are two types of turntables to consider: belt drive and direct drives. Professional DJs tend to go with direct drives since it’s easier to change the speed of the spin this way. But if you’re shopping for someone who’s just listening at home, you’ll most likely find belt drives on most electronics sites and in record stores that sell turntables. Like the name suggests, these types of turntables run on rubber belts and they let you isolate the motor, reduce vibration and create better sound quality, making a belt drive turntable one of the best vinyl record gifts out there.

Quality Headphones

Grado SR60e Headphones, $79.00 on Amazon

Like turntables, the perfect headphones are some of the best vinyl record gifts since they can dramatically improve how someone enjoys their favorite albums. Headphones are great for vinyl lovers who want to fully enjoy every sound and nuance of their favorite records (and audiophiles who might not want to annoy anyone nearby with how loud their music is.)

These Grado SR60e headphones are rated well for comfort, sound quality, and their ergonomic open back design. They can easily be plugged into a turntable with a headphone jack.

padded black studio headphones

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