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We pride ourselves in being your go-to resource for cleaning and preserving your old and new vinyl records. The recent surge in the popularity of vinyl records is something that hasn’t ever been seen in modern markets. Yes, vintage things have come back in popularity – but none of them have had the impact and staying power of vinyl. With a growing demand for classic albums, comes a need for collectors on the proper ways of cleaning old vinyl records. Discover tips, vinyl inspiration, and other articles about the music we love (and how to preserve it) here.

  • What Makes the Best Sounding Vinyl Albums Great

    Posted on September 21 2021

    Whether you’re an audiophile or a brand new collector, you understand the hypnotic draw of vinyl records. Many vinyl collectors find CDs, streaming music, and other digital media to be...

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  • Preparing for Shipping Your Vinyl Records

    Posted on June 09 2021

    Packing and shipping any kind of valuables can be stressful. The worry of damage through transit is a common concern, as well as costs, or things getting lost. Don’t let...

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  • How to Display (and Show Off) Your Vinyl Collection

    Posted on May 12 2021

    Storage bins are practical containers for storing records, but they have one significant drawback: no one can see all of the vinyl records that you’ve spent years collecting! It’s time...

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  • 3 Things Every Vinyl Collector Needs

    Posted on January 13 2021

    A vinyl collector needs a good turntable and an impressive record collection. We all know that. But there are a few other vinyl record essentials that every collector should acquaint...

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  • 10 Iconic Gatefold Albums We Love

    Posted on November 27 2020

    One of the best parts of having a record collection is selecting records that have captivating and entertaining artwork that represents the band perfectly. There are countless iconic gatefold albums...

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  • Why We Love Listening to Vinyl

    Posted on November 24 2020

    Vinyl records are the last holdout of the physical (i.e. non-virtual) music market. They’ve outlasted CDs, cassette tapes, MiniDiscs, 8-tracks, and every other experimental music playback medium on the market—and...

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Big Fudge was started in 2017 by individuals who saw a need for high-quality protective products in vinyl record care. We are record collectors, too, and so everything we have designed has been tested in-house before offering it online. Big Fudge is the leading supplier of vinyl supplies – from our archival paper record jackets, all the way to our Record Friend™  cleaning kit. As the popularity of vinyl records increases, we meet the demand in stride with quality maintenance products.


We’re more than just a store. We offer tools to protect the musical extension of your personality. We want to do more than just sell you the sleeves and record storage you need. So, we’ve created this space to discuss vinyl record trends, in addition to sharing tips on properly cleaning old vinyl records. Questions? Want to see specific topics here? Get in touch with us today.