Best Record Cleaning Systems for Your LPs & Record Players

woman with vintage vinyl

Most vinyl enthusiasts and record collectors understand that when it comes to cleanliness, you never want to cut corners. Why is that?

  • It’s because cleaning both a record player and your vinyl records helps ensure you get the best possible sound quality every time you use your turntable.
  • It’s because keeping your record player and accessories clean ensures you protect the financial investment you’ve made in your collection.
  • It’s because preserving and protecting your collection is especially vital when you’re dealing with classic records that can’t be replaced.

With so much invested (both financially and emotionally) in your collection, you owe it to yourself to take the time and energy necessary to keep your system clean

While this may seem like a daunting task, it doesn’t have to be! Here at Big Fudge, we specialize in providing high-quality cleaning products to keep your record player, vinyl, and accessories in pristine condition. We’ll admit it—we’re a bit obsessive with our love for classic vinyl! Yet, it’s this unbridled passion that we put into every product we sell. 

Whether you’re cleaning a record player or some other item in your collection, we have a product that fits the bill. Here are four record cleaning systems you should take a look at.

The Big Fudge Record 4-in-1 Cleaning Set

This 4-in-1 package includes everything you need to make sure your album looks and sounds like it did the day it first was lovingly pulled out from its sleeve. Our unique system includes:

  • An extra large bottle of cleaning solution: This alcohol-free formula carefully cleans dust, dirt, and fingerprints off of your albums. The generous 50mL bottle will likely last you for years (but if not, we have refills at low prices!).
  • An anti-static velvet brush: You won’t find a gentler or safer brush to clean your records with anywhere.
  • A dust and static remover brush: This brush helps keep your anti-static velvet brush clean.
  • A stylus brush: Cleaning record player accessories is as important as cleaning an album, which is why we’ve included this handy brush with our system.

Record Friend™  Vinyl Record Cleaner

Cleaning records one at a time is good, but what if you want to clean 50? That’s where the Record Friend comes in! Every kit includes:

One of the things that sets Record Friend apart from other record cleaning systems is how well it cleans all types of vinyl… all at the same time. It can easily handle records with light amounts of dirt, while also being able to power through albums that have sat collecting dust and grime for years. This versatile system is sure to save you both time and money.

record player and vintage vinyl

“Record Pal” Vinyl Cleaning Roller

Sometimes a softer touch is needed when cleaning your records, and in these cases we recommend the Record Pal roller. One roll across the album and all traces of dust or particles will disappear. Record Pal uses a gentle non-adhesive gel to clean, which has two advantages:

  • Utilizing non-stick gel means that you won’t need to buy more accessories for the tool to continue to work over time. Think of your clothing roller that uses sticky paper to trap lint. It usually runs out of paper just when you need it most. Not Record Pal! It never needs a refill!
  • Our special non-adhesive gel sticks to dust and other particles, yet won’t leave a film on your albums. 

Stylus Gel

Don’t forget that your record player accessories need some love too. When your stylus isn’t clean, you won’t be able to unlock the sweet sound that’s inside your vinyl. We’ve created our special stylus gel to solve this problem both quickly and easily. Simply lower your record player’s tonearm until the needle is submerged in the bottle of gel. Wait a few seconds and lift the arm back up. You’ll see that any dust and dirt has been trapped by the gel, leaving your needle clean and sparkling once again. Cleaning a record player stylus has never been easier!

Shop Big Fudge And Protect Your Collection

Since 2016, Big Fudge has worked tirelessly to help you keep your collection of vinyl clean and safe. We offer exceptional storage options, vinyl protection, and high-quality cleaning supplies. We know how important your collection is to you, which is why every product we offer is made with audiophiles in mind. We create high-quality products at reasonable prices, and that’s why our customers come back to us again and again.

Still have questions? Want to talk about your favorite vinyl? Contact us today so our team of enthusiasts can help!